Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Vote 11th March Results Out – Reshma Rajan and Daya Aswathy in Danger

It’s ten weeks for Bigg Boss Malayalam 2. In the Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 House, the drama, confusion, fun, and struggle are still fantastic. Week 1 was friendly, and Mohanlal cautioned against the Bigg Boss laws with contestants sharing their personal stories. Mohanlal declared the first elimination of this weekend in the season and the expulsion of Rajini Chandy.

Reshma Rajan and Somadas were the second eliminations of Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 due to disease. After that, at the end of week 4, These Khan was abolished. At the end of week 6, Pradeep Chandran had been eliminated. Last weekend on Saturday, Manju Pathrose was deleted. As a result of the elimination of week 8, Jazla and Sooraj were eliminated. Last week, Veena Nair was eliminated.

Following their eye infection procedures, several contestants returned to the house. With Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 heading into the deciding process of the tenth departure while the audience and public are still in good cheer, Bigg Boss Malayalam 2’s tenth-week elimination will be a fascinating one this week.

The weekend’s episodes promise a lot of action and a lot of excitement as the Mohanlal host gets to know the weekend. Though appointments to evict people have been confirmed, who will be excluded this week is not quite clear.

Week 10 Bigg Boss Malayalam 2 Elimination Nomination

  • Pashanam Shaji
  • RJ Raghu
  • Reshma Rajan
  • Amrutha-Abirami
  • Daya Aswathy

2 Week 10 Elimination Results Bigg Boss Malayalam 2

Week 5 and week 6 saw the elimination of Pradeep, no elimination. Manju Pathrose, who trailed the polls on day 1, was eliminated in week 7. Week 8 has seen Jazla and Sooraj’s allegedly surprising yet obvious double elimination, as the News Crunch polls have expected. Veena was rescued in week 8 by a whisker but was blocked and eliminated in week 9.

This week Rajith Kumar and Fukru are also pausing from nominations. Shaji was last week at the bottom two and is part of this week’s elimination list. The battle between Amrutha / Abirami and RJ Raghu is likely to be for the top position.

Will this Week change the course of the elimination of Rajith Kumar’s surprising elimination?

During his school assignment, Rajith Kumar was eliminated from the home. Rajith Kumar had a strong rival at Bigg Boss Malayalam 2, and his followers interpret this news as a shocker. Therefore, it would be important to see whether the expulsion of Rajith will affect the eviction this week. Daya and Reshma are actually on the bottom 2, but it can swing even during the week.

Is the Amrutha-Abirami combination among the most successful contestants?

Two rivals were nominated together for the first time in the history of Bigg Boss Malayalam. With this surprise from Bigg Boss, the elimination nominations for Week 9 were fuelled. However, with the voting patterns by the crowd, Amrutha and Abirami comfortably rid themselves and control the votes that Rajith Kumar loses. This week too, the story seems to be the same. In this week’s elimination vote, Amritha and Abirami are expected to be the leading pair.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 2, Week 10, Day 2 of voting – 11th March Elimination Vote Share

  • Pashanam Shaji – 16% vote share
  • RJ Raghu – 21% vote share
  • Reshma Rajan – 12% vote share (DANGER)
  • Amrutha-Abirami – 39% vote share
  • Daya Aswathy – 11% vote share (DANGER)

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