Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Voting Results – Who Will Be Eliminated This Week?

The weekend episodes promise a lot of action and suspense because host Sudeep Kiccha delves into the events of the week. Although eviction nominations have been released, it is changing to moderately obvious that Raju or Chaitra Kottoor can be evicted this week. Raksha was evicted the last weekend after she entered due to the wild card entry about a week before.

Bigg Boss Kannada

Eighth elimination nomination for Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Week 9

This week, Bhoomi, Chitra Kotur, Chandan Achar, Kishan, Raju Tallikote, Shine, and Vasuki are nominated for elimination.

Shine leads with 30% of vote fragments in the main voting experiences, Chaitra and Raju in the danger zone – Day 3 of the spectator’s Election of the vote – December 12

As expected, Shine is the principal in the survey studies needed since the first voting day of the spectators. However, it became surprising to witness many contestants collectively with Shine, Kishan, and Vasuki being nominated for eliminations this week. Although contestants fight against exhaustion to save themselves from evictions, the tasks are increasingly challenging and intense every day.

Bigg Boss Kannada Week 9 Elimination Fragment of vote According to Crunch News polls – Day 3 of the spectator’s Election of votes – December 12

Bhoomi – 14% of the vote
Chaitra Kotur – 7% of the vote
Chandan Achar – 15% of the vote
Kishan – 13% of the vote
Raju Tallikote – 7% of the vote
Brightness: 31% of the votes.
Vasuki – 12% of the vote
Bigg Boss Kannada 7 Online activity to cast votes

Voting through the Voot application: it is possible that by chance, perhaps by chance, perhaps by chance, you can also configure the Voot application from Play Store or Apple Store and look for Bigg Boss Kannada. There may be a voting banner and login and vote for your approved contestant

Vote cast through the MyJio application: use the MyJio application and vote for your approved contestant by clicking on the Bigg Boss Kannada voting banner.

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