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Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Major violations and disqualification

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Major violations and disqualification

The makers of the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 5 Telugu released the latest promo mixed with emotions. The promo of Bigg boss started with the arguments between the housemate and Sanchalak Kajal. Then, Bigg Boss says that the contestants failed to follow a significant rule in the house while playing the captaincy task. Therefore Bigg Boss eliminated two contestants from the captaincy task.

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The promo gives a hint that there were significant violations during the captaincy task, and as a result, there is a disqualification. Siri Hanumanthu is seen visibly upset while Sunny, Annie, and Maanas celebrate after disqualification. Further details about the same are expected in tonight’s episode.

VJ Sunny is seen lifting Anne’s master and expressing his joy. On the other hand, Siri Hanumanthu and Swetha are caught in a dull mood, and it is said that they both are not eligible to contest the captaincy task.

 A section of netizens feel Siri Hanumanthu deserves to be disqualified, a few also out the way Sweta tore the pillows at times.  One of the TV lover said: Siri ni chusthe appudu appudu papam anipisthadi. Shannu babu influence lekunte manchi contestant. Another netizen said: #Swetha is cutting cushions when the sanchalaks collect material from the threads Intha sneaky ga evaru lenappudu cut chesthe. Sanchalaks ne kadhu, housemates evaru kuda chudaleru #BiggBossTelugu5.

Bigg Boss 5 Telugu: Major violations and disqualification
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