Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: Abhirami, Losliya, And Sakshi Nominated for Elimination

Today is Monday and it is time for nominating the contestants for elimination this week. Bigg Boss has asked the contestants to nominate two persons in the house for elimination and also give the reason why they nominated that particular person. After that, the contestants with the highest votes were nominated.

Sakshi tried to manipulate Kavin in recent times and also she dug the old love stories and tried to portray him badly before everyone. Netizens are angry with Sakshi behavior from past few days and it is sure that Sakshi may see the exit doors this week. Let’s see what’s gonna happen this weekend.

These are the candidates that are nominated for elimination: Abhirami, Losliya, And Sakshi. One of these candidates will leave the Bigg Boss house this Sunday.

Here’s How To Save Your Favorite Contestant By Voting

There are two ways to vote for your favorite housemate. One is through Hotstar app and other is by giving the missed call to the number allotted to each candidate. We will let you know how to do both.

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Bigg Boss Tamil Voting Through Hotstar

  • Download Hotstar app in your Phone
  • Login in the app using your mobile number, email address or by using your social media account i.e. facebook
  • Touch Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Banner or if you are unable to see the banner then search it from search box by typing Bigg Boss Tamil 3.
  • Touch the “Vote” Button
  • Find contestants who are facing elimination this week

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: Abhirami, Losliya, And Sakshi Nominated for Elimination

  • You can vote for your favorite contestant. You can vote 50 times in a day. You can vote up to Saturday midnight. You can vote to your favorite contest or you can divide it into more than one contestant.

Bigg Boss Tamil Voting By Giving Missed Call

Viewers can cast their votes through the Mobile phone. Each contestant is allotted a number and people can give Ten missed calls from 1 number in a week. Check out the numbers that are allotted to each contestant.

  • Abhirami: 836 7796 801
  • Losliya: 836 7796 805
  • Sakshi: 836 7796 810

So, audiences vote your favorite contestant and save them to be eliminated this week. Steps to votes to your favorite contestant is given above, follow those steps and save your favorite contestant and make them the winner at the end of the season.

24 thoughts on “Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Vote: Abhirami, Losliya, And Sakshi Nominated for Elimination”

    • She is very irritating contestant in that house and will do anything to not be eliminated from the show.i wish she get evicted.

    • abirami is the only irritating ****** in that house,she is such a criminal with all fake tears,fake drama just like her mom.

  1. Irritating show,Even parliament election we have only one vote to cast in.

    Here 50 votes per day.What logic is it 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  2. I like bigg Boss Tamil all episode interesting but sometime mistake Vijay TV audience vote in elimination one people but I change the Vijay TV television bigg Boss please correct the illumination option audience result only loss finalism

    • No Vijay TV television lost decision not told public vote only all time ok one person elimination choose public decide but change other person decide Vijay TV I am not like this this only please Vijay television show bigg Boss lost decision public only voting only e e

  3. I Love Losliya, I Vote only for losilya
    She is not acting like a good girl, her nature
    Her attitude was super
    My Vote to one only Losliya Dear

  4. exactly,they both are atleast true in wat they are doing not like that criminal abirami with all her fake accent tears and drama just like her mom


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