Bigg Boss 3 Tamil : Reshma Eliminated | Sakshi, Kavin Safe

Today one contestant from Bigg Boss Tamil house has left. And that contestant is shockingly Reshma. All the audience were expecting Sakshi to be eliminated and out of nowhere, Reshma who was also nominated got evicted from the house.

For this week, Reshma, Madhumitha, Kavin, Abhirami, and Sakshi got nominated for elimination. It is clear that one of these nominees will be eliminated from the house today. Everyone thought it will be Sakshi, but it was Reshma.

Bigg Boss 3 Tamil: Reshma Eliminated

bigg boss reshma

Housemate Sakshi has been getting a lot of negativity from the audience as she was said to be creating unnecessary drama with Kavin and Losliya. She has also complained about the friendship between Kavin and Losliya.

However, Reshma was declared eliminated by the show host Kamal Haasan. She got eliminated because she got the least number of votes among the nominated candidates. The audience expressed their anger on social media for Sakshi not being eliminated.

So far in this season, before Reshma got eliminated, Fathima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mohan Vaidya, and Meera Mitun got evicted. The audience is saying that next week Sakshi will be eliminated. It will be interesting to see what happens next Sunday.

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