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Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Live Updates: Title Winner leaked: Mugen is the winner and Sandy and Losliya are the runners up?

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is the ongoing third season of the reality TV game show Bigg Boss Tamil version, which commenced on the 23rd of June 2019 enters its final weekend.

This season all contestants faced many ups and downs inside the Bigg Boss house as it is totally a blend of drama, chaos, fights, controversy, and romance which makes up this season of Bigg Boss Tamil all evident.

Sandy, Mugen, Sherin and Losliya are the finalists of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 and the suspense among the audience is increasing minute by minute.

All the four finalists have a fantastic fan following and a huge support base. Of course, this is the primary reason they are in the finals today. That is why their fans are eagerly waiting to see their favorite contestant lifting the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 title.

Mugen is the Title Winner of Bigg Boss Tamil 3

As per the sources and media reports, Mugen seems to be people’s first choice to win Bigg Boss Tamil 3, and also many unofficial polls have been organized on social media. Mugen seems to be the sole person leading the votes, maybe Tharshan’s exit from the Bigg Boss house is the reason for him getting huge support.

Runners up of the Bigg Boss Tamil season 3

Sandy seems to be the first runner up of the Bigg Boss Tamil 3 as he made a massive impact in this season right from the beginning of the show he became camera attraction and got massive audience support.

Losliya was also the tough competitor during the show as this contestant from Sri Lanka had a massive fan following that is why she seems to be the second runner up of the show.

At last, Sherin seems to be in the fourth position as Tharshans’ exit is the only reason that made his way into the finals.

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