Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Elimination Voting: Which Contestants Face Danger for the Eighth Elimination?

The Bigg Boss Tamil 3 is almost half-way through its course, and the competition among the contestants is on another level. The show completed its 50th day on Monday.

As we know Monday stands for the elimination day which is the most tensed day for the housemates in the entire weekend. The planning and plotting that goes around for the entire week finally showed their results.

The nomination process for the 8th week:

The houseguests were asked to participate in the vote out the process for the week which was slightly different. They were subjected to a closed-door nomination. They had to cast their votes secretly.

Bigg Boss Tamil Nomination

Contestants who were immune from nominations.

Sherin who is the current captain of the house was safe. The house has a rule that the captain of the house for the week is immune.

Vanita was also immune as she was the recent wild card entrant of the house.

List of the nominated house guests.

As many as four contestants are facing the danger of elimination this week. Cheran, Kasthuri, Tharshan, and Sandy are nominated for eliminations this week.

Kasthuri was the one who was nominated by a maximum number of people, he bagged 6 votes. Cheran closely followed Kasthuri with 5 votes to his name. Tharshan, and Sandy are also a part of this list with 3, and 2 votes respectively.

How to vote your favorite contestants?

  1. Open the Hotstar app on your android phone.
  2. Look for the Bigg boss Tamil template on the home screen or search for it. Open the page.
  3. There you will find the vote button. Click on the ‘Vote’ button.
  4. The names of the contestants who are nominated for the week will appear.
  5. Each user will be entitled to cast 50 votes per day till Saturday midnight.
  6. Users can either cast those votes to one person or divide it among the nominated contestants.

Otherwise, you can give a missed call on the number which is allocated to the nominated contestants.

  1. Sandy: 836 7796 811
  2. Tharshan: 836 7796 814
  3. Cheran: 836 7796 802
  4. Kasthuri: 836 7796 817

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