Big Mouth Season 6 Expected Release Date, and timeline of the show


Big Mouth Season 6 has been announced, Here we have few information about the upcoming season. A coming-of-age quirky sitcom, “Big Mouth” is coming up with yet another season. Packed with comedy, truths, and teenage issues, it is an animated series. The official launch date of the sixth season hasn’t been announced yet but it is to release this year. The first season was launched in 2017 and since then the series has been releasing its next season in the consecutive year.

About The Series Big Mouth

The animated sitcom “Big Mouth” has completed a successful running of five of its seasons. It is set to launch its sixth and seventh seasons as well. The sitcom got renewed for its sixth season in 2019, the year in which the third season of “Big Mouth” was aired. In 2022, the series got renewed for a season 7, even before the premiering of Big Mouth Season 6 . Having an approval rating of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes, it is the crazy and loving fan base of this series that asks for more of it.

Big Mouth Season 6 Information

A teen drama show, the plot of the sitcom lies in the adolescence phase. It unfolds the numerous phases of puberty that a teenager has to go through. Simplifying and normalizing the mental and physical puberty changes, also seems to offer certain advice. Taking place in New York, the sitcom portrays the struggles of a bunch of 7th graders as they pave their way through puberty.


So far, “Big Mouth” has streamed 5 seasons and also declared the making of 2 more seasons. All fifth seasons had 10 witty episodes each.

  1. The first season was launched back in 2017. In the first season our cast experiences and observes the changes that take place during puberty. They are both astonished and curious to know what’s happening!!
  2. The release date of the second season was in the subsequent year, 2018. Figuring out their mental and physical growth, our cast begins to face the intense emotions of teenage-like shame, insecurity, attraction, and more.
  3. In the very next year, that is 2019, the third season got released. This season easily represented ideas that are otherwise not openly discussed. Brings in the concepts of romance, the LGBT community, and the many firsts that teenagers encounter.
  4. The fourth season premiered in December 2020. Entering the 8th grade now, our cast discovers their fears and friends, and along with this comes the element of ego.
  5. Being released last year, the fifth season explores the ideas of love and hate. Confessions, rumors, teenage anger, and many other things happen in this season.

When can we expect Big Mouth Season 6?

By now, we have had a total glimpse of the first five seasons. Although the release date hasn’t been announced yet, Big Mouth Season 6 is sure to launch in 2022. Glance through the episodes till then and stay updated with us so that we tell you the date instantly when it’s declared.


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