Big Boss Malayalam 3 April 1st Vote Result: Is Sandhya’s blunder in the tasks affecting the voting results?

With the big boss Malayalam season 3 entering its 8th week, the house’s atmosphere has become more thrilling and spicier. At the end of the 7th week, five contestants had their names on the evicted list. Out of the eight contestants nominated for eviction till now, Majiziya Bhanu, Lakshmi Jayan, and the other three wildcard entries were seen bidding farewell to the competition. The three wildcard entries which were eliminated are Angel Thomas, Michelle Ann, and Renya Panicker. Even though the goodbye was filled with tears, the rest of the contestants geared up for the next task assigned to all of them.

So far, Big boss 3 Malayalam had two significant events that spiked interest amongst the viewers. The first was the nomination task which went really well. This was followed by the ‘laundry company’ task that finally brought out every member’s hidden thoughts in the house. Perhaps this is why the audience is eagerly waiting for the eighth-week tasks, as it will further allow the contestants to move one step towards the finale.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season

Manikuttan surprisingly was able to bag a lot of applause and fame from the viewers. On the other hand, the two headstrong contestants, Sandhya and Ramsan, when nominated for the first time throughout their entire journey in the house. As far as Anoop is concerned, he again failed to impress the members and the audience. But we all are hoping that he will be saved again miraculously by the time the eighth-week elimination will knock at the door.

So far, every member of the house was assigned washing and ironing tasks. The result of these two competitions is definitely surprising and beyond anyone’s expectation.   No one could ever imagine Sandhya and Bhagyalaxmi to be at the bottom. Similarly, with excellent captaincy and sportsmanship, Kidilam Firoz has gained appreciation from the fellow members and the audience.

The voting results are yet to be declared. But, sing the way every member is trying to stay at the top, predicting the results by following the past trends seem impossible. A few days are remaining for the eighth week to come to an end, and hence, we will all have to wait to see the results and the nominations for the subsequent elimination round.

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