Between Season 3 Updates!! Here’s Everything We Know So Far


Between Season 3 Updates: “I just adored Adam in Between, I just can’t get over how caring and protective and funny he was. I thought it was awful to make Wiley like Liam, and Adam still cared for her after she kept pushing him away,” well, it was the initial storyline as per my characterization so far.

However, this show is underrated but doing quite well till now, the two- seasons were already released and receive quite a good review from the fans, but now we’re all waiting for the third season of the show. And as usual, we dug into it deeper and scoop- out various info and cliffhangers about the show!

Let’s look back at the few months or a year we’ve spent in quarantine or being isolated in our houses. However, the show expressed the same but quite before the actual pandemic hit our lives. So, the stories initial plot has been started in the small town of Pretty Lake, the town has been handling the mysterious disease that kills the person who is over the age of 21 years.

The series is a Canada-based sci-fi drama, which premiered on CityTV on May 21, 2015, with its first season. The story follows the girl named Wiley day who’s a teenage daughter of a minister and she’s pregnant.

Between season 3: Renewal Status

Between Season 3
Gizmo Story

Although, the series didn’t receive much attention with its first season because of the bad storyline and casting so far! But the show’s second season gained much improvement with its predecessor. Another reason could be the bad airing of the show, as the show was broadcast on Netflix and it was the first time for Netflix to produce a show with collaboration with others.

Unfortunately, the fans are now hanging around for a third season of the show, but there’s still not any update from the makers about the show yet. It seems to be quite unlikely to bring the show back from its slumber, since it didn’t do much for the Netflix reputation so far, though the chance are slightly less.


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