Better Than Us Season 1: Cast, Release Date, Plot

Netflix is paving its way to the worldwide entertainment market. By the looks of it, Netflix’s forthcoming venture is a Russian Sci-fi, cyberpunk TV Series. Netflix has acquired the rights of Better Than Us. Moreover, this also commemorates the fact that Better Than Us is the first-ever Russian series than Netflix would feature in its streaming network.

Better Than Us Season 1: Cast, Release Date, Plot

The series comes from the mind of Andrey Junkovsky. In addition to this, Junkovsky has partnered with Aleksandr Dagan and Aleksandr Kessel to bring a next-gen cyberpunk family drama. The reports also suggest that Better Than Us is the first Original series from Russia that Netflix is going to license.

The plot and release date of Better Than Us

In the near-sighted yet not so far away future, human beings, and robots live together. The robots attend the day to day needs of their human masters. In the futuristic world of Better Than Us, the robots have several functions such as raising children, personal valets and drivers. Even the robots are built to become lovers of individual human beings.

People think of robots as lifeless droids who have to obey the commands of their masters. However, a much more powerful and advanced robot named Arisa is curated. Moreover, the intelligence of Arisa is much better than the minds of human beings. Throughout the series, Arisa is haunted by authorities, a corporation namely CRONOS, for murdering an employee. In order to protect herself, Arisa becomes a member of a dysfunctional family.

Better than Us will feature on Netflix on the 16th of August 2019.

Better Than Us cast members

Paulina Andreeva portrays the role of the empathetic robot Arisa. Kirill Kyaro, Olga Lomonosova, Eldar Kalimulin, and Vita Kornienko are the Safronov family. In addition to this, Aleksandr Ustyugov plays the role of CRONOS’ Corp. head, Viktor Toropov. People will also see Vera Panfilova, Aleksandr Kuznetsov, Fedor Lavrov, Sergey Sosnovsky among others in the series.

Better Than Us Season 1: Cast, Release Date, Plot

Moreover, the original release date of the series was 23rd of November 2018. The series first premiered in Russia’s Start streaming platform and C1R Broadcast network.

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