Best Trends in the Dating Industry in 2021-2022

The market of dating is getting bigger every single day, and thus it is constantly developing and creating new trends. Dating nowadays plays a big part in the life of many people. Today we are going to talk about the most important dating trends and developments of 2021 and 2022 that you should definitely check out! If you plan on getting into ukrainian dating chat, then pay close attention. 


Do you remember how Gatsby arranged chic parties in his mansion for the sole purpose of attracting the attention of his beloved Daisy? The Instagram stories that are aimed at one person to be seen are exactly that. That is, “gatsbying” means posting videos or photos on social networks so that the person you are attracted to sees them.  

“Traditional values”  

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What a weird thing the modern state of online dating is, girls more and more often follow the traditional ethic rules of dating and marriage. While in some instances it is due to their religious beliefs, it isn’t always the case. Yet many girls value a long period of dating, getting to know each other, no kissing, and, most importantly, no sex. While to many this is going to sound ridiculous, the main selling point that I’ve got from it is to reassure yourself of the intentions of your partner. Are they sincere? Are they true? If a man only wants sex from a woman, then he will not be able to withstand this and will run away. 

DNA based matching  

One of the prospects for the development of dating services will be to find a partner based on DNA compatibility. Research in the field of genetics is becoming more diverse every year. So, in 2017, scientists found out that people with similar DNA profiles would choose each other as partners more likely than those whose DNA structure would differ significantly. 


First off, yeah, right, lol. But what is it? So, masturdating is when you invite yourself for a date. You take yourself to a restaurant, bar, cinema, water park or wherever you usually like to spend your time. And in all of these places, you need to make yourself feel good. Treat yourself to a cocktail, ask yourself (don’t do it out loud) about your life – you will see and learn many new things! And do not forget to call yourself a taxi when you go home, it’s a sign of a true gentleman.  

Masturdating is not just a way to kill time while breaking all the rules of dating. This is an attempt to establish an internal connection with one’s self, which many of us find quite difficult. And do not be shy that you are going alone to places that people usually visit together. While the definition of dating flies out of the window in the context of masturdating, it doesn’t matter, since you are having a great time. 

VR dating  

It can take quite a long time to get dressed, to leave your house, and to get to your place of destination. Yet by using this technology people will be able to pass all boundaries and limits. I mean, can you even imagine such a thing being quite realistic of a possibility? It’s overwhelming sometimes, I am getting old. 

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