Best Casinos: Where and how to play real online video poker

15 The World’s Most Famous Casinos

The best casinos in the world attract millions of visitors every year. In addition to them, there are websites for playing real online video poker with quick withdrawals. They are suitable for users who perform all actions from their home computers. The page contains reliable gambling establishments. Registering in them, customers get additional benefits.

Playing video poker is fun. It stands out from the standard slots with reels and lines. It is allowed to change cards once to make payable poker combinations. Therefore, experts have published recommendations for choosing reliable websites and making a deposit. Some casinos have the ability to run on a cell phone. The history and varieties of the game are described at

15 Most Famous Casinos

The table below contains the names of 15 casinos that are well known throughout the world. 

1 The Bellagio
2 Star City casino
3 Casino de Monte Carlo
4 Caesars Palace
5 Sun City Casino Resort
6 The Venetian Macao
7 WinStar World casino
8 City of Dreams
9 Foxwoods Resort casino
10 Ponte 16 casino
11 Rio casino Resort
12 Crown casino
13 Casino Lisboa
14 Empire casino
15 Resorts World Birmingham


Top Five Casinos

The Bellagio is a popular casino located in Las Vegas. In addition to gambling, it has a hotel with swimming pools and restaurants. Advantages include 40 high-limit poker tables. Other games include

  • three-card poker;
  • blackjack;
  • baccarat;
  • craps;
  • roulette. 

Star City casino is available to residents and visitors to Sydney who can join the club. Members earn points for placing bets. There are hotels with comfortable rooms and SPA centers, a good store, and several bars.

Casino de Monte Carlo welcomes foreigners. It is forbidden for citizens of the Principality of Monaco to play in it. This gambling establishment opened back in 1863. Its building has received the status of an architectural landmark. Expensive sports cars are parked nearby. Yachts can be seen in the nearby port. 

Information about Caesars Palace is available on the official website: The complex of buildings is located in Nevada. A special application was developed for players. It is a tool that makes it easier to book a room, make deposits, and receive winnings. There are 1,325 slot machines and 118 tables.

Sun City Casino Resort is located among the dense jungle of South Africa. There are 40 tables and 850 slots available for visitors. Gambling can be combined with a visit to the Pilanesberg National Park. 

Second Top Five Casinos

The second top five include land-based casinos in China and the US. The Venetian Macao is one of them. Externally, the complex is located in an area of 10,500,000 square feet. The creators were inspired by the beauty of Venice.

The complex combines high-rise and low-rise buildings. There are stores and theaters, places to eat, and venues for meetings. Visitors will enjoy four play areas

  • “Imperial House”;
  • “Phoenix”;
  • “Goldfish”;
  • “Red Dragon”

WinStar World casino operates in the state of Oklahoma. It is considered the second largest gambling establishment in the world. The area is divided into zones, each dedicated to one of the cities of the world. There are slots, bingo, table games, and poker rooms. 

In addition to the collection, the architecture is of interest. Lyndon Stromberg and Larry E. Zeitz worked on the design. They designed the buildings where the hotels and gambling establishments are located. 

City of Dreams is Macau’s luxury casino, which covers an area of 39,000 square meters. Its extensive collection includes 450 tables and 1,514 slots. There is also the bubbling fountain, the water theater, and the aquarium. 

Foxwoods Resort Casino is located in the American state of Connecticut. In addition to the gaming rooms, it has its own hotels and restaurants. You can attend concerts and various events, play bingo or slot machines, and take seats at tables with different limits. 

Ponte 16 Casino Macau is notable for its small size (compared to other complexes in the region). The slots and tables are located in an area that covers 270,000 square feet. There are VIP lounges for high-stakes players. The building is in a location where a fishing port operated until 1970. Later, an economic center was developed here. 

Third Top Five Casinos

The third top five are halls that are located in different regions. These include

  • South Africa;
  • Australia;
  • Portugal;
  • the United Kingdom. 

Rio Casino Resort is one of South Africa’s most famous land-based lounges. It is named after the carnival that takes place in Brazil. Crown Casino operates in Australia. The collection is as well developed as in other popular gambling establishments. 

Casino Lisboa is located in Portugal. It is considered the largest in Europe. The gaming rooms are situated in a modern building built in 2006. It was built to increase Lisboa’s income. It attracts visitors not only because of its collection, which consists of 22 tables and 700 slots. There is a theater that can accommodate 600 spectators. 

Empire Casino is within walking distance of Westminster Abbey. It is available to residents and visitors of London. In 2008, the building hosted the World Series of Poker Europe tournament. There are slots and table games. And offers for high limit visitors are being developed. 

Resorts World Birmingham can be described as an entertainment complex. In addition to 100 slots, there are table games (baccarat, blackjack, and roulette). Visitors have the opportunity to visit the poker room. The entertainment complex includes bars and restaurants, as well as its own cinema. 


The establishments described in the article are attractive because of their luxurious nature. Players can go to the United States, Europe, or China. The establishment is chosen based on personal preferences. The first aspect is the collection. Many gamblers look at the number of slots and gaming tables. The second aspect is the provision of comfort. This is the availability of its own hotel with restaurants. 

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