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BBC Breakfast’s Sally Nugent shuts down Dan Walker in tense Strictly debate

BBC Breakfast turned slightly awkward on Wednesday morning, as host Sally Nugent shut down her co-presenter Dan Walker in a tense Strictly Come Dancing debate.

Dan, who is currently partnered with Nadiya bychkova on this year’s show, will be taking to the Strictly floor on Saturday, September 25, 2015.

The tension erupted when John Watson, the sports journalist, was giving the news of day from the red couch. He brought up the story about Oleksandr Usyk, boxer who used juggling to warm up in the ring.

Our television screens were filled with footage of the amazing juggling act, including the sports star even getting a ball behind him.

“Oh, hello!” Dan replied. “Behind the back!”

Sally was quick to shut the pair down

John agreed: “Improves hand-eye co-ordination, a bit of focus. And as we know, boxers like to put on a show, don’t they? He’ll be bringing out the unicycle next!”

“Showing off is what I would probably say,” Sally chimed in.

Turning to Dan, she added: “Like you need to own the dance floor, he’s owning the ring.”

John quickly advised: “You should employ a bit of that, there you go!”

Dan was impressed by the boxer’s technique

“Try a little bit of pre-dance juggling?” Dan wondered. “Okay, thank you John for the tip!”

But John wasn’t finished dishing out the dancing advice, as he went on: “Maybe incorporate it into your routine!”

Which was when Sally stepped in to put a stop to the proceedings, saying sharply: “No, no!”

Dan quickly agreed: “No, I think the potential things that could go horribly wrong at that point, John! Thank you for that.”

John handed out some advice to Dan

It comes after Dan already sustained an injury which forced him into a hospital dash just hours before the Strictly launch show.

Dan was injured when he fell on a glass window. He was taken to the hospital for a CT scan.

Posting a snap of himself wired up to a blood pressure cuff and wearing a mask, Dan wrote on Instagram: “Bit of head-based drama today!

“After whacking my noggin on the big glass window yesterday, I got sent to A & E today because I was feeling a bit wobbly.”

He added: “Karina, a Barnet Hospital nurse, examined my vitals. 6ft-9 Dr Erik Witt performed a CT scan and it was clear.”

Dan hinted that he would be out of Strictly training for “a few days” – but it doesn’t look like he’ll be missing his first ever live show this Saturday.

BBC Breakfast airs from 6am every day on BBC One.

BBC Breakfast's Sally Nugent shuts down Dan Walker in tense Strictly debate
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