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BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker hits out at Sally Nugent as he compares her to Louise Minchin

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker found himself in a bit of hot water with co-host Sally Nugent on Tuesday morning during a tense row about golf.

John Watson, a sports journalist who was giving a bulletin regarding the latest sporting updates, joined the pair on the red sofa.

The director of the programme knew that the conversation would soon become too complicated.

It came as conversation shifted to men’s golfing tournament the Ryder Cup, with Dan gushing: “It’s hard for me to explain how excited I am about the Ryder Cup.”

Sally couldn’t help but roll her eyes as she replied: “Go on, I think you might be about to.”

Things turned awkward on Tuesday morning

Dan quickly introduced his Strictly Come Dancing partner Nadiya Bychkova into the mix, adding: “Nadiya was saying-” but was interrupted by Sally performing what he dubbed her “golf face”.

“Don’t do your golf face!” He complained. “Louise has gone now, don’t do the golf face!”

But Sally insisted: “I haven’t got a golf face!”

Undeterred, Dan went on: “I’ve had a good chat with Nadiya about how I need to fit the Ryder Cup around training…”

Sally interjected: “I’ve also had a good chat with Nadiya. It’s fine.”

Ignoring the quip, Dan pressed on: “It’s the live show on Saturday – obviously my focus will be on getting the live show sorted, but I’ve got to watch the golf!”

And a clearly irate Sally snapped: “I think the director wants us to move on now, Dan.”

John, however, had joined in on the topic, insisting that the Ryder Cup could be just what Nadiya – and perhaps Sally – need to wet their whistles for golf.

“Boys, boys, boys,” Sally was stern with them as they chatted. “Right, okay, it’s nearly quarter to – I think we need Carol [Kirkwood] to rescue us from all of this! Help!”

Dan chuckled: “Carol loves the Ryder Cup!”

And Carol was clearly in on the joke, as she joked: “Oh gosh, look at the time!”

The exchange left fans flocking to Twitter to comment on the relationship between the presenters, with one unsure fan commenting: “Early days but not feeling the on air relationship between Dan Walker and Sally Nugent… #BBCBreakfast.”

However, another quickly jumped on to say: “@BBCBreakfast Loving that Sally has taken over from Louise. Big shoes to fill, but she is doing an amazing job!”

And a third fan echoed: “At least Dan is saving the day with breakfast TV or it would be dead in the water!”

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BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker hits out at Sally Nugent as he compares her to Louise Minchin
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