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BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty fumes at Charlie Stayt as she asks ‘what is wrong with you’

BBC Breakfast presenter Naga Munchetty was left fuming at Charlie Stayt on Friday, after a stray balloon put a stop to proceedings.

As they were sitting together on the red couch, the presenting duo headed over to Matt Taylor to record the regular weather segment.

Filming quickly turned chaotic when Matt’s weather report was finished, and Charlie and Naga were distracted from a stray pink balloon that had made its journey through the sky above Matt.

As the balloon made its way past Matt’s camera, the cameras followed it around and the hosts couldn’t resist commenting from the studio.

“Matt, did you see the balloon?” Charlie quizzed, as Naga began: “Did everyone get that?”

“Wafting past, if you look to your right,” Charlie explained. “A balloon, a pink balloon.”

Naga was left fuming at Charlie

Matt soon clocked it, saying: “Oh, I do! A big pink… oh, it’s gone. It’s got the breeze and it’s away.”

Naga couldn’t believe her eyes, as she wondered: “Did it go in front of his face, or behind?”, but Charlie was on hand to explain: “No, it just popped up behind, in between the buildings, sort of where that pigeon was and across the…”

Matt said: “I can see it disappearing into the distance. No idea where that came from.”

Naga commented: “A little gift for you, Matt!”, as Matt said: “Someone’s having a good time this morning!”

Naga couldn’t believe what she was hearing

But Charlie, not seeing the positive side, chimed in: “Or not, if it’s a child who’s lost their balloon, they’re very upset.”

And Naga wasn’t happy with her co-presenter’s pessimism, as she moaned: “Oh, Charlie!”

Though Charlie quickly apologised for the comment, Naga couldn’t help but grumble: “What is wrong with you?”

“It’s not… well, you know what I mean!” Charlie insisted.

Although Naga didn’t seem to be holding grudges against Charlie, she smiled at him and the conversation quickly turned to the topic of tipping in restaurant industry.

Matt’s segment was interrupted by a stray balloon

But that wasn’t the only chaotic incident on Friday’s programme, as Strictly Come Dancing star Ugo Monye threatened to “flash” while being interviewed about his dancing experience so far.

The sports star admitted to entertainment correspondent Colin Patterson: “It’s been unbelievable! From finding out what my chest size was to my collarbone to my bellybutton, to putting on sheer snakeskin tops to learning how to dance – but everything has just been amazing!”

To demonstrate his point, Ugo tugged at the sparkly snakeskin shirt he wore, revealing a wider triangle of toned chest.

Colin couldn’t help but quip: “I thought you were going to give us a flash there!”

His professional partner Oti Mabuse couldn’t help but widen her eyes as she purposely looked over at the floor – and away from Ugo’s chest.

BBC Breakfast is broadcast every morning at 6am on BBC One.

BBC Breakfast Naga Munchetty fumes at Charlie Stayt as she asks 'what is wrong with you'
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