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BBC apologises for playing Queen’s ‘I Want To Break Free’ after Sarah Everard report

A number of listeners to BBC Radio 2 were left shocked when the station played Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” after a news report about Sarah Everard’s murder.

The BBC has apologised for the blunder and said the song choice was not intentional.

In the audio, from around 5.40am on Thursday (September 30) presenter Vanessa Feltz is reading out the newspaper headlines of the day and most of them are about Sarah’s killer Wayne Couzens getting a life sentence for murder.

Reading out a statement from Sarah’s parents, she says: “I am haunted by the horror of my precious little girl’s murder.”

The presenter adds: “Desperately sad front pages this morning; let’s move on with some lovely music though.”

Sarah Everard was 33 years old when she was murdered
Sarah Everard was 33 years old when she was murdered

Queen’s 1983 hit “I Want To Break Free” is then played, which some viewers thought was insensitive timing.

Sharing the snippet on TikTok, @waynes..world said: “Whoever lined that song up needs a good head wobble.”

One user said: “FFS could nobody in the studio spot that? Bet they are paid a s*** load too. Unbelievable.”

“Awful song choice whoever made that song choice needs sacking,” said a second.

Someone else wrote: “Song would have been selected before they knew the headlines. Unfortunate.”

A fourth commented: “Don’t think it was intentional. Awful for Sarah’s family though.”

Mugshot of former police officer Wayne Couzens
Mugshot of killer and former police officer Wayne Couzens

A BBC spokesperson told the Daily Star: “Following a summary of Thursday’s newspapers during the Early Breakfast Show, Radio 2 unintentionally broadcast a song with an insensitive title and lyrics, and we apologise for any offence caused.”

Wayne Couzens was serving in the Metropolitan Police when he kidnapped 33-year-old Ms Everard while she walked home to Brixton in south London on March 3.

The killer, who was nicknamed the “Rapist” by his former colleagues, used his warrant card when he stopped Sarah, handcuffed her and bundled her into his car.

BBC apologises for playing Queen's 'I Want To Break Free' after Sarah Everard report
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