BB13 Voting / Bigg Boss 13 Voting : Week 2 Vote Results for Elimination

The Bigg Boss Season 13, that is hosted by the Bollywood superstar Salman Khan, witnessed its second eviction this week.

There was a total of four female contestants who were in the nomination zone for eviction. They are – Rashami Desai, Shehnaaz Gill, Dalijiet Kaur, and Koena Mitra.

Out of the aforesaid four, Shehnaaz Gill has the strongest fanbase and is thus able to secure a large number of votes in the online mode through the Voot app and My Jio app. With the immense love and support of the audience, she has been able to successfully secure 44% of votes so far and thus appears to be safe from getting eliminated.

BB13 Voting / Bigg Boss 13 Voting : Week 2 Vote Results for Elimination

Now, the battle is very tough among the remaining three contestants. No doubt, they are definitely struggling very hard to secure votes as compared to Shehnaaz Gill.

On one hand, a tough competition prevails between Rashami and Dalljiet to secure a number of votes in order to be safe from getting eliminated while on the other hand, Koena lags behind and thus seems to be the one who will have to bid a goodbye to the Bigg Boss house this weekend.

However, there is always room for improvement. Koena can still secure more votes and match up with that of Rashami or Dalljiet. If so happens, the audience will get to see an interesting war of vote as to who will be saved and who will have to leave the Bigg boss house.

At present, Rashami has secured 23% of votes, Dalljiet has secured 21% of votes and Koena has secured only 11% of votes.

As of today, that is, 9th of October 2019, Koena is in the danger zone and has high chances of getting eliminated.

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