Batla House Movie Review And Rating | John Abraham, Mrunal Thakur, Nikkhil Advani

John Abraham has emerged as a true patriot over time, his majority of the films have the subject somewhere related to the Indian Nationalism. It’s been quite a time we have seen a John Abraham film on any other genre.

The recent in the list is Batla House. The movie is based on a real story. It is a recreation of Operation Batla House that took place on 19 September d were the allegations on the head of the operation that the encounter was a fake one, human rights activists were furious about it.

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Like every other John Abraham movie, this movie will also depict a plethora of emotions, that is surely going to touch the audience deeply.

The trailer of the movie serves exactly the purpose served by the cover of any book. The trailer starts with the scene of the encounter where John and his team pins down all the suspects. In the following scenes, we can see John, and his team going through several trials, and lots of questions regarding the encounter. The team which deserved appreciation for the successful conduct of the mission is under the pump of media for faking an encounter.

This movie was challenged in the court for objectionable content but managed to get a clean chit with some minor cuts.

Review Of Batla House

John was awesome as always. It was like he is meant for such roles, his personality only adds up to his advantage. The role of a daring police officer suited John, and he hasn’t left any room for improvement.

Sanjay (Abraham) is not having a happily married life, things are not well between him, and his wife Nandita (Thakur). Sanjay time and time again asks her to leave him, but she refuses to despite all the individual conflicts. Overall the uncanny relationship of theirs is a unique viewing experience for the users.

The professional life of Sanjay was going great until an investigation turns into an unauthorized encounter, and one of his partners gets brutally injured.

The latter half of the movie is occupied with Sanjay, and his team trying to prove their innocence and failing badly at it still times. There were instances when they were left with no way out of the situation.

The outrage of the media against the Delhi police was extreme, the media slammed the police department for framing a fake encounter, they produced several footages to make their stand a firm one.

The makers of the movie decided to take an unconventional topic which was risky considering the story. But the ploy worked for them, it is all set to bring wonders to them. The movie is a complete package for the action, and thrill lovers plus the suspense that has been depicted about the encounter is next level.

I will strongly suggest you spare some time of yours, and watch this film. It won’t disappoint you.

My Rating: 3.5/5

Here is the trailer of the movie which you can check out before going to watch the movie.

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