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LIVE BARC Ratings 2021 (TRP List) 50th Week December 23, 2021 TRP & TV Channels Checklist Top Rated TV Series: BARC Ratings is the most important factor if you are a big fan of TV series and entertainment programs. BAR (Research Council for broadcast audience) India is an authority and officially appointed to analyze Television’s weekly TRP data. They have a responsibility to make the weekly data available to their viewers in which they post all TRP counts along with a ranking of the Top Shows and Top Channels.

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BARC managed this responsibility for many years and provided accurate data each week. It is the BARC Rating Week 50 and has the correct data of TRP collection. This time, BARC India presents BARC TRP Ratings this week. Which is available here under this section.

BARC . Assessment and Data Presentation

Currently, BARC India is managed by Punit Goenka. He is the general manager and CEO of Zee Entertainment Enterprises (ZEE), recently elected as the new chairman of the measurement company TV Viewership.

Generally everyone watches random shows but BARC India offers us the best most popular show from last week. This gives us an idea about the new latest shows. So let’s start exploring the TRP Rating this week.

But before moving on to another point, we would like to tell you that BARC India always presents the data in a very excellent manner and understandable format.

Anyone can easily understand it thanks to the exceptional sorting options and data filtering features on the BARC India website.

BARC Ratings Week 50 2021 TRP List

Here you can sort the available data according to your need. Let’s take an example, so if you only want one genre, you can sort the data by category.

After that, you can filter the details according to your need, such as Top 10 or Top Channels. All things depend on your need.


But it is the certainty that you will get your information within seconds. These are India’s latest BARC reviews.

LIVE: BARC Ratings 2021 (TRP List) 50th Week December 23, 2021 Checklist of TRP & TV Channels Top Rated TV Series

Top 10 Hindi Channel Reviews This Week

These are the top 10 ratings of urban channels, including the name of the top-rated channels in this category.

Rank Weekly Data Channel

1 Sun TV 2790.42
2 STAR Plus 2616.45
3 STAR Mon 2519.79
4 STAR Utsave 2297.7
5 colors 1911.75
6 STAR Vijay 1801.8
7 SONY SAB 1715.16
8 Dhinchaak 1636.69
9 Sea TV 1607.49
10 STAR Pravah 1552.12

Top 10 nationwide channel ratings this week

Here you can learn more about the Top 10 nationwide channel ratings of top rated channels. These are the most watched channels this week.

Rank Weekly Data Channel

1 STAR Utsave 705903
2 Sea Anmolu 633047
3 dangal 475505
4 Sony Pal 443973
5 Colors Rishtey 405346
6 STAR Plus 256633
7 Sea TV 225432
8 Great Magic 181749
9 SONY SAB 176991
10 colors 139349

Top 5 Hindi Series This Week

This is the Top 5 series of this week and with the top 5 channels. View full details here.

TV Show Channel Ranking Weekly Data

1 Sea Anmolu Kundali Bhagya 7860
2 STAR Plus Anupamaa 7231
3 Sony Saba Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma 5523
4 Sony TV India’s best dancer 5409
5 Color TV Choti Sardarnia 5393

Top 10 Hindi Series This Week

These are the top 5 ratings of national channels, including the name of the highest-rated series with channel names.

TV Show Channel Ranking Weekly Data

1 Color TV Ramayan 7381
2 Sea Anmolu Kundali Bhagya 6800
3 Sea Anmolu Mahima Shanidevi 6087
4 dangal Shri Krishna 5428
5 dangal Do Hanso Ka Joda 4646

The amazing thing is that even after the massive data, BARC India continuously offers the latest BARC Insight on a weekly basis. It is something noticeable to them and after the hard work they present the best details to their audience.

Here is the information populated, but even if you have any question about the BARC Ratings Week 36, BARC Ratings, Latest BARC Ratings and other questions, let us know in the comment section. It’s completely free and we eagerly await your questions and feedback. In addition, stay connected with all social updates.


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