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Baguette dubbed ‘crime against humanity’ as fillings include chocolate and lettuce

There are plenty of classic British sandwich combinations out there – from beef and horseradish to smoked salmon and cream cheese or egg and cress.

What about a baguette with chocolate orange and lettuce? Yes, that’s right.

Reddit was flooded with a shocked foodie who shared a bizarre sandwich they found while looking for lunch.

The user titled the post “Chocolate, lettuce and liquorice. Sub?”

They attached two pictures of “fresh sandwiches” that contained some rather uncommon fillings.

One sandwich was a combination of sweet and savoury. It was labelled “Chocolate orange and lettuce (no butter)” and was priced at a reasonable £2.25.

Chocolate orange and lettuce baguette
You want chocolate orange or lettuce baguette?

Chocolate orange and lettuce baguette not to your liking?

This was not the only bizarre sandwich available.

The filling for the other sandwich was none other than your favorite, liquorice all kinds.

The sandwich did not state whether it contained butter.

This sweet baguette was on sale for a bargain 99p instead of its original price of £1.25.

liquorice all sorts sandwich
It’s hard to imagine anyone not wanting a sandwich with all kinds of liquorice.

Both baguettes were packed to the brim with the unusual fillings – with one Redditor dubbing them a “crime against humanity.”

People quickly took to the comments to share their disgust over the odd sandwich creations.

One user commented: “No butter?! Hard pass for me.”

Another user added: “Someone got really bored at work.”

A third declared: “That’s making me feel very uncomfortable. As if someone was putting brown sauce in their tea.

“Stop this. Stop it now.”

However, one person seemed up for trying one of the baguettes: “I would actually give the liquorice all sorts one a go, as long as there’s plenty of those bobbly blue and pink ones in there.”

I think we may play it safe and stick to a ham and cheese sandwich for now.

Let us know in the comments if you would try either of these sandwiches!

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Baguette dubbed 'crime against humanity' as fillings include chocolate and lettuce
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