Dhanush’s Atrangi Re Movie Ending Explained


Atrangi Re Movie Ending Explained: If you are here, it means you just finished the fantastic film Atrang Re on Hotstar and you are just curious about the Ending of the film; here in the post, we are going to tell you about the Ending of the Hotstar original film Atrangi Re.

If you landed here by mistake and haven’t seen the film yet, we suggest you watch the movie first as there are many spoilers ahead; you can also check ours Atrangi Re-Review. The film stars Sara Ali Kha, Dhanush, and Akshay Kumar’s primary leadership role. Anand L Rai created the film; let’s talk about the film’s Ending.

The Ending

In the climax of the film we Saw, when Rinku meets Sajid Ali on the Railway Platform, we see Saajid burning on the Platform, and there Rinku Recalls her memory, and she realizes that Saajid was her father and he is dead now. She also recalls the accident at that Magic show where her father and mother both were burned alive in front of her eyes during the show. She gains her memory back, and now she comes to know that everything was an illusion, and she starts loving Vishu.

Who Was Sajjid? (Played By Akshay Kumar)

Sajjid was the father of the Rinku Ghosh, who married her mother by going against their family. As the family of the Rinku was rigorous, they decided to separate Sajjid and her wife as they had problems with the inter-religion marriage of Rinku’s mother. So Sajjid was the father of Rinku, not the lover of her.

Dhanush's Atrangi Re Movie Ending Explained

How Rinku Got Her Memory Back

There are two reasons behind this. The first one is the medicines, Vishu and hi friend were consistently giving medicines to Rinku, and I think that helps a lot in treating the Rinku, the second factor is the situation when Rinku releases that there is no one like Sajjid in real life after that Magic show at Taj Mahal, she starts getting memories back. So at the climax, after that emotional setback, she got everything clear.

So this was the Atrangi Re Movie Ending Explained; what are your thoughts and theories of the film? Please let us know in the comment section.


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