Armageddon Part 4 Major Spoilers And Updates


The following contains major spoilers from the December 7 episode of: The flash aka “Armageddon par4″t .

This week on The flash, we learned that the five-week event titled “Armageddon” was some sort of Trojan horse, leading to the revelation that what we and Barry have actually witnessed… is a Reverse-Flashpoint!

After rushing to 2031 (when he allegedly caused Armageddon), Barry was stared at by Iris, Chester, and other Team Flash members and friends — all because, he later found out, Eobard Thawne had traveled back in time to, among other things, kill young Barry Allen and create a “Reverse-Flashpoint”. As such, Thawne emerged as The Flash, ended Iris courting/made her his “lightning rod”, forming a team that also included Chester, Frost, Cecile, and Ryan Choi, aka The Atom. (Allegra, we were told, made tracks for London some time ago, after she and Chester both mishandled their first date.)

Summary of ‘The Flash’: Season 8 Episode 4 – What’s Thawne’s Next Step?

Other fun facts from this modified timeline: batwomanRyan Wilder in 2031 contemplates having a baby with wife Sophie Moore (and Iris was the bridesmaid at Ryan’s own wedding); supergirlAlex is still with Kelly; and Frost and Chillblaine have formed a bit of a dynamic duo.

Below the notFun Facts: Barry as Reverse-Flash is responsible for killing Cisco, Ray Palmer and the entire Legends of tomorrow team!

Flash 8x04To rectify this extremely wrong reality, Barry tried to help Reverse-Flash’s ally Damien Darhk, but soon confessed that he’s a good guy stuck in an altered timeline. Darhk, sensing that Barry was telling the truth (including how Damien sacrificed herself to save daughter Nora), agreed to help, though Thawne managed to stay one step ahead.

In the end, it came down to a standoff between Barry and Eobard, with Iris — sensing time and again that she and “Allen” share a past/connection — instead using an immobilizing ray gun on her fiancé. Barry then went around the world to reach Mach 20 and open a time portal/Undo Reverse-Flashpoint, although this would risk literally breaking the world (ergo, Armageddon). Barry pulled it off — with a much-needed final boost from “lightning rod” Iris — returning to the proper 2021, where he entered Despero on Thawne’s grand ruse and then jumped on the phone with a very much alive Joe West.


Thawne is however not down for the count. Instead, in a final scene, he fitted himself into the new Reverse-Flash suit and entered the Time Vault. “Nobody uses time against me‘ he hissed. “I’ll change what’s going to happen,” he told Gideon, “and you’ll help me.”

Speaking to TVLine about the big reveals of part 4, Tom Cavanagh wondered whether Thawne Real scolded a little Barry Allen. “I don’t see that happening,” says the… Flash alum offered. “He that I am may have uttered those words, but…that’s all I’m going to say about that.”

Cavanagh then had some fun when he acknowledged that “Armageddon” was a bit of a misnomer since there really was a Reverse-Flashpoint at play. “’Uh, let’s see…. Tom will be wearing the Flash suit, so what’s an appropriate name for this event? Armageddon!’” he said with more than a little sarcasm and a hearty laugh. “It’s extremely unflattering if you’re me, but it’s also largely appropriate.”

Cavanagh got a little more serious, then seemed to suggest that Thawne’s next move might not quite happen in the fifth and final episode of “Armageddon” (aired next Tuesday as the winter finale).

“Grant Gustin on The Flash is such a light, and you can’t have a light without a darkness to put it in — but you still want to be able to see some things,” Cavanagh explained. “L [as Eobard] like to pace myself, let me put it this way. Read in it what you want.”

That indicates that whatever Thawne does next in revenge, ‘I don’t want it to become an instant, all-consuming darkness. I like to play things off a bit and give myself a place to go,” Cavanagh added. “How are you?” Which for generalities!”


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