Are Rumors Of Ryan Eggold & Freema Agyeman Exit From New Amsterdam Season 4 True?


Is Ryan Eggold leaving? New Amsterdam during season 4? What about Freema Agyeman next to him? Is there real danger here?

We know there are legitimate concerns for many people based on the storyline we’ve been seeing lately. Both Max and Helen have both insisted that they want to go to the UK where Dr. Sharpe is determined to finish some of the work she was doing at the end of Season 3. Max in turn promised to join her; he doesn’t want to be the same person he’s had in the past. He wants to be a little more focused on “joy” and not just taking care of other people instead of taking care of himself and those he loves.

Are Rumors Of Ryan Eggold & Freema Agyeman Exit From New Amsterdam Season 4 True?

Will the two really leave? That’s the first question to think about here. They may have the intent to do this, but intent does not equate to reality. We’ve seen that over and over on different shows. Something could disrupt their plans and make it difficult for them to go anywhere. Maybe that puts a strain on their relationship, but that has to be determined.

Of course, even if Max and Helen to do Leaving doesn’t mean Ryan and Freeman are done with the show. We could easily see that the writers are concentrating on their time abroad, however long they are there. Here’s the thing: It’s hard to imagine those two being gone forever. New Amsterdam is about the hospital, and these two characters are an important part of it. We see them coming back.

Where are the clues in the promo for next week’s episode?

Max wants to leave, but will he be able to? It seems that Helen is looking to leave more than he is.

Are you afraid that Ryan Eggold and Freema Agyeman are leaving? New Amsterdam following the events of tonight’s episode?

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