Arcane Act 3 Episode 7: Latest Updates, Release Date Details, & More


Arcane Act 3 Episode 7 Updates: Next weekend, three more episodes of Arcane, the hit animated series based on League of Legends, will be released. The series’ final stretch counts down to the finale, which has been six long and difficult years in the making, according to co-creators Riot Games.

The third act of Arcane includes episodes seven, eight, and nine, which follow the story of orphaned sisters Jinx and Vi, as well as the myriad characters who populate the nearby cities of Zaun and Piltover.

Arcane Act 3 Episode 7 Release Date

Anyone with a valid Netflix account will be able to see the final three episodes of the series on Saturday, Nov. 20 at 2 a.m. CT. Arcane has nine episodes totaling over 350 minutes of running time, each lasting about 45 minutes.

The first season of Arcane, co-created by American video gaming company Riot and French animation studio Portiche Production, might be the first of many to come to Netflix. Although a second season has yet to be confirmed, there is undoubtedly room for more.

The contest between Team Bagel and Team Pizza hasn’t been particularly close. Over the course of two days, the tomato sauce-laden squad has dominated Bagel Bites and the Gaming Community Network’s Unexpected Combinations event.

Unexpected Combinations features two teams, each comprised of two influencers and one winning community member, who each bring one of their parents or guardians to participate in the competition and help their team win the title.

Whether it’s Among Us, Rocket League, or any of the specially devised rule-bending IRL challenges based around Bagel Bites, Team Pizza, led by FaZe Clan’s H1ghSky1, has so far sliced through the competition and gone victorious. There is only one day left for Team Bagel and leader TSM Co1azo to turn the tide and score as many points as possible.

Fans can witness players and parents adjust to the numerous tasks on day three, which include a sprint to get as many eliminations in Fortnite while sharing one controller, catching Bagel Bites being shot out of an IRL catapult, and a PvP combat in the Bagel Bites Minecraft Colosseum.

Viewers watching the event live on the Bagel Bites YouTube channel have already won over 400 items, including limited-edition Bagel Bites PS5s, gaming seats, apparel, throw blankets, and more. A total of 200 awards will be given out on day three of the competition.

Starting today at 7 p.m. CT, you can watch the entire Unexpected Combinations Day three action on the Bagel Bites YouTube channel, and you can discover more about the event on the official Bagel Bites website.

To gather all 157 champions without spending any money, you’ll need hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of League of Legends gameplay. That’s why Riot Games’ weekly free champion rotations might be a wonderful way to try them all out before committing to a purchase.

Every Tuesday, 16 of the 157 overall champions are chosen to be unranked free-to-play. This week, however, there are 33 champions available to play to commemorate the introduction of Arcane.


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