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Aradhana Sharma from Splitsvilla X2 Season 12 Contestant: Wiki, Age, Personal Life, and more

The stunning model and the present-day Splitsvilla contestant, Aradhana is said to be a jack of all trades, and she is also a master of all. Aradhana is excellent at acting, modeling, and dancing. She has a combination of stunning looks and raunchy attitude. Moreover, this is something that makes her one of the exceptional contestants in Splitsvilla Season 12.

Aradhana is a woman that the modern-day men would prefer to be around. No wonder, she wants to explore her options by featuring in the twelfth season of Splitsvilla. By the looks of it, this is not the first time that Aradhana is taking part in a reality show. Before coming to Splitsvilla, Aradhana was a contestant of the sixth season of Dance India Dance. When Aradhana was younger, she also participated in Boogie Woogie Kids. The first episode of Splitsvilla Season 12 suggests that Alfaiz has made an impression on her.

Aradhana Sharma: Personal life, Age, Measurements

Aradhana Sharma

Sharma was born on the 5th of May 1999 which makes her 20 years old. As of now, the parentage of Aradhana is unknown to the world and the contestants of Splitsvilla. Nevertheless, she is a native of Ranchi, which is located in Jharkhand. She is a metal music fanatic, and she idolizes celebrities like Anushka Sharma and Priyanka Chopra.

  • Aradhana has a decent height of around 5’ 5”.
  • Her weight is 119.05 pounds. 

Aradhana has spent a considerable amount of time of her life after moving to Pune. On the other hand, Aradhana is a native of Ranchi which is located in Jharkhand. On the other hand, Aradhana has spent a considerable amount of time of her life in Pune after leaving her hometown.

Educational Background, Relationship Status and popularity in Social Media

Aradhana Sharma possesses a postgraduate in MA from Symbiosis College of Art & Science. Moreover, she completed her graduation in Kothrud’s MIT, Pune. Aradhana is quite popular on Instagram; she has a significant number of followers, i.e., 12K.

Presently, Aradhana is single; however, she was in a relationship with a person named, Mayur before they split up for unknown reasons.

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