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‘Appalling’ Britannia Hotel where ‘customers have panic attacks’ during ‘horrific’ stays

A former manager at a Britannia Hotel has spoken out on what he describes as the “appalling” running of the venue.

The ex-manager of The Grand Hotel in Scarborough anonymously revealed there are concerns with fire safety and the treatment of customers is routine “a joke”.

He said the “appalling” condition of many of the rooms that customers have paid to stay in is down to understaffing of cleaners and pressure on those employed.

He claims that most complaints made by dissatisfied customers are “brushed aside” and very rarely resolved.

Recently, he was told his “services were not required” by the owners of the hotel, Britannia, and was given his final paycheque this week.

The manager decided to contact YorkshireLive after seeing numerous stories about the hotel concerning disgruntled visitors who had gotten in touch after enduring “horrific” stays.

rooms in disrepair
The manager said that the many of the rooms are left in a state of disrepair but still given to customers

He said: “In that time I received a lot of abuse from customers and we are told just to act blasé about it and pretend we don’t know about it or that the rooms are in a state of disrepair.

“We do have rules and you are meant to treat customers as respectfully as possible but there are members of staff who push customers’ buttons in a sense and they will obviously rise to it if they have paid money to come to an absolute s***hole.

“If you look at one of them the wrong way then they will toss you out at the drop of a hat.

“Some people have paid over £100 for these rooms. It is an embarrassment.

unclean hotel
Despite raising concerns about the cleanliness of the hotel, managers just brush it off

He said that the powers that be are aware of the regular bad reviews online and the complaints but “there’s never any formal investigation”.

He said: “I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews and most of them are true.

“It’s so awful. I wouldn’t want to be a customer and feel unsafe staying there. As a worker there, I could keep people safe by lighting firewalks and keeping them warm at night.”

He explained that some customers even get panic attacks triggered by the conditions, as he added: ” Because of the way it is, there are panic attacks among elderly women. They get in their cars, and then they go home.”

The ex-manager said he regularly raised health and safety concerns with the management but they regularly fell on deaf ears.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue has confirmed it is “The hotel was aware of several complaints and issues related to fire safety,” but they were taking steps to rectify this.

Britannia hotel scarborough
The hotel has not restricted the number of rooms that they have been taking bookings for

The former manager continued: “The number of reports I made about fire extinguishers being tampered with. There’s no quick response to getting health and safety measures in place.

“We have folded up beds in front of fire doors. The roof leaks are not being repaired and it rains all the time in some rooms.

“The metal stairs from the fire exits are rotting with seagull s**t. God knows what would happen if loads of people had to leave and put their weight on them.”

inside Britania hotel Scarboroughh
The former manager said that he’s witnessed some customers having panic attacks due to the dismal state of the hotel

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He said that staff members are being brought into the team and not told fire safety procedures in the hotel, which is leaving some younger members of staff “scared” of what might happen if there’s a fire emergency.

He said: “There are people who have never been shown the assembly points, the code for the fire alarms or anything.

“Sometimes there are three members of staff left on with a hotel of over 600 customers not knowing what to do if there’s a fire. They don’t have computers or fire fighting training. It’s all a joke.”

He also said that fire alarms are regularly set off in the building, more often than not by disgruntled customers wanting to get “revenge” after receiving bad service or children who are messing around.

The Britannia Hotel group have been contacted by the Daily Star for a response.

'Appalling' Britannia Hotel where 'customers have panic attacks' during 'horrific' stays
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