Anusha Dandekar Adopt a Baby Girl? Check Name Images Pictures? Is Anusha Married? Husband Name


Popular VJ and Bollywood star Anusha Dandekar is lately creating a lot of buzz on social media. Bollywood stirred up the social media lately after she posted her pictures with a cute baby girl and since then, social media and the internet is flooded with rumors and reports. Since Anusha posted those pictures, she is being the talk of the town on social media. The picture of Anusha with the baby girl got viral all over social media and the internet.

Anusha Dandekar Adopt a Baby

As soon as Anusha posted her pictures with a cute baby, rumors started floating on social media and the internet, that the popular VJ Anusha has adopted the baby girl. The cute baby girl is the adopted daughter of Anusha. This rumor set social media ablaze and everybody and thus the pictures were topping the trending charts on social media and the internet. You all know, that the internet and social media have made spreading rumors super quick and thus it all happened.

Netizens were happy and flooded her comment section with their lovely messages and wishes for Anusha and the cute baby girl, whom she posted pictures with. Anusha’s comment section was flooded with congratulations messages from her fans and netizens. Anusha’s fans were mesmerized and happy seeing Anusha holding a baby girl. Her fans were astonished to see her with the cute baby girl. The rumor got widely spread, and thus Anusha had to come and clarify.

As you all know the rumor was widely spread so Anusha clarified all the confusion on social media. Anusha posted her story on her official Instagram account. Anusha wrote, that she is so happy from the amount of love and wishes she is getting from you all and the baby girl she is holding is her Goddaughter and now she can call her own. Anusha Clarified to all her fans that the baby girl is her goddaughter.

After her clarification, Anusha Also posted the pictures of the real mother and grandmother of the baby girl, and showed the world and her fans who is the real mother and grandmother of the baby girl, she also revealed the name of the baby. The name of the baby is Sahara. Sahara is the daughter of Anusha’s best friend Zoha. Anusha stated that she is always there for her best friend Zoha and her Goddaughter Sahara. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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