Anti-vaxxers are now calling themselves ‘pure bloods’ on TikTok


Anti-vaxxers are now calling themselves ‘pure bloods’ on TikTok

A bizarre new trend has taken over TikTok where people refer to themselves as ‘pure blood’ – and while you may assume they are simply Harry Potter superfans, unfortunately, they are not. They are anti-vaxxers.

The string of videos show TikTok users claiming they will no longer comply with being identified as ‘unvaccinated.’

Instead, they would prefer to be called a ‘pure blood’ – a term derived from the Harry Potter series to describe a wizarding family with no muggles (humans) in their family tree.

Not to mention, ‘pure blood’ also has its ties to one of the world’s most evil dictators, Adolf Hitler, in his quest for blood purity.

The short clips tend to follow a common theme by using the ‘Sunet original’ backing track. They show the TikToker distantly looking away from the camera with the following statement or similar: “Instead of going by the ‘unvaccinated’, we will now go by…”

The text soon changes to “The pure bloods” as they look towards the camera.

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While it’s unclear who kicked off the influx of TikTok videos – or whether they’re actually serious – the clips are causing a stir online. One commented, “Funny thing is, most of the pure bloods from Harry Potter were selfish and did only things that benefitted them. Crazy similarity to the Covid pure blood.”

Another added, “That doesn’t sound white-supremisty at all.”

One user, @goodtrouble_, duetted one of the ‘pure blood’ clips – which has since been removed from the platform.

“So first you were comparing yourselves to the Jews and the Holocaust, and now you’re the Nazis?” The TikToker stated.

“Pick a f*cking lane.”

This isn’t the first time pop culture was a point of reference for anti-vaxx identification. Hunger Games was once dragged in after users mimicked the famous whistle to “call out” for their un-vaxxed “brothers and sisters” on the app.

A phrase from Transformers was also popular among the anti-vaxx community after they used Optimus Prime’s phrase in their videos: “I send this message to any surviving Autobots taking refuge among the stars: We are here. We are waiting.”


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