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Ant and Dec show off matching beards as they begin working on I’m A Celebrity 2021

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donelly have been enjoying themselves with a classic game of Pass The Beard as they gear up for the new series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

They were busy filming promos as the show heads back to Wales due to the Covid-19 epidemic.

The pair became distracted while filming promos for the show.

Seen in a clip shared to the social networking site Ant started off their silly antics as he told fans: “So we’re filming today and we need a bit of stubble.”

Ant and Dec rub beards on TikTok
Ant and Dec were seen rubbing beards on TiKTok

Dec interrupted from over his shoulder: “We’ve been growing stubble for it.”

Ant continued: “For the promo.”

The pair then burst into laughter as they put their faces together, and rubbed their stubble against one another’s chins.

Forcing back his laughter Ant then blurted out: “I hate kissing you when you’ve got stubble.”

The pair then erupted into yet more uncontrollable giggling before Ant admitted his desire to grow a proper beard.

Ant and Dec with beards on TikTok
Ant showed off his grizzly new look with an hilarious filter

He said: “I’ve had a beard in the past but I’d like to grow a full beard.”

Dec chipped in teasing: “Oooh what would that look like?”

Ant replied: “Well I’ve got a filter for that. Do you wanna see?”

Dec responded cheekily: “Have you? Yes I do.”

Newlywed Ant then swiftly applied the popular Pass The Beard filter, suddenly appearing to have a full thick, black bushy beard covering the lower half of his face.

Ant and Dec with beards on TikTok
Dec appeared in awe of his interesting new look

Inspired by the gladiator-esque look he roared out “this is Sparta” before asking Dec “do you wanna have a go?”

Excited by the offer Dec squealed: “Yeah try me I want to see what I look like.”

The comical duo then passed the beard between each other with a little nod of the head as they laughed and cried out “wahey” over and over, delighted with the results.

Although there is no date yet for the start of the ITV hit show’s years’ installment, it is expected that it will begin sometime in November.

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Ant and Dec show off matching beards as they begin working on I'm A Celebrity 2021
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