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Another Life Season 3 Is Coming? Release Date and Cast

‘Another Life’ is a sci-fi drama show developed and written by Aaron Martin. After the appearance of the mysterious piece of alien technology, the world is evolving. Astronaut Niko Breckinridge is leading an intersidereal campaign to find its source with a group consisting of a few handpicked comrades across the Salvare. Her husband, Dr. Erik Wallace, is trying to discover the truth of the alien technology on Earth. In the second installment, after discovering that the aliens are not as harmless as they say, Niko and her team must return to Earth to warn everyone. The first season of Another Life they are aired on 25th July 2019. After that, the geeks negatively criticized the show, but the general audience gave a lot of their positive opinion for this show. As the 2nd season just aired on Netflix on 14th October this year consisting of 10 episodes, each having an average of 40 minutes of watch-time, Let’s talk about Another Life Season 3 for now.

Another Life Season 3 Is Coming? Release Date and Cast

Expected Release Date For Another Life Season 3

So for the release date of Another Life Season 3, we cannot provide you with an exact date or period. Both Netflix and the creator of this show haven’t made any public announcement regarding the third season. Nonetheless, Katee Sackhoff, the actress who appears in the role of Niko in the front and is also one of the producers, confirmed in an interview back in 19 that the creator and the team have enough story materials for continuing for at least two more seasons. So, we can say for sure that Another Life Season 3 is going to happen at some point.

It all comes to the amount of viewership the show is getting. So, if recently released season 2 is also a success like the first installment, the probability of getting another season gets more noticeable. Besides, we know that the production of the 2nd season got delayed due to the global pandemic of COVID. As the situation is not in the way of further normalization, we can say that it’ll also affect the third season’s production. Therefore, considering the current situation and positive outcome of the 2nd season, we hope to see Another Life Season 3 sometime next year.

Another Life Season 3 Is Coming? Release Date and Cast

Expected Cast For Another Life Season 3

Aside from Katee acting as Niko, Another Life season 3 may star Justin Chatwin acting as Erik Wallace, Samuel Anderson acting as William, Elizabeth Ludlow acting as Cas Isakovic, Lina Renna acting as Jana Breckinridge-Wallace, Selma Blair acting as Harper Glass, Tongayi Chirisa acting as Richard Ncube, Alexander Eling acting as Javier Almanzar, Alex Ozerov acting as Oliver Sokolov, Blu Hunt acting as August Catawnee, JayR Tinaco acting as Zayn Petrossian, A.J. Rivera acting as Bernie Martinez, Parveen Dosanjh acting as Dr. Nani Singh, Dillon Casey acting as Seth Gage, Shannon Chan-Kent acting as Iara, and Kurt Yaeger acting as Dillon Conner.

Anticipated Plot For Another Life Season 3

In the Another Life season 3, actual Achaian may appear for the first time. Their reasons for building this kind of complex AI designed for mass killing will come to light. Humanity may manifest itself as a force, bringing good in the galaxy, opposing Achaian AI beliefs. Cas will command the mission this time.

Another Life Season 3 Is Coming? Release Date and Cast
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