Anna University has postponed engineering exams due to COVID-19 till May 2020

Chennai Anna University did come up with a recent announcement where the officials said that the exams are going to be positioned till there is any solution to the Coronavirus outbreak.

By the looks of it, Coronavirus has infected a significant amount of population across the globe and there are several deaths in China, Italy, America, as well. In India, the virus came in late, however, it is currently spreading like a wildfire that is infecting people in a steadfast manner.

The government had imposed a staunch curfew in the country to keep the spreading of Coronavirus in check. The last date of the 21-day long curfew in on the 14th of April 2020. In addition to this, all the educational institutions in Chennai and the country are shut down until further notice.

Anna University has postponed engineering exams due to COVID-19 till May 2020

How soon did Coronavirus pick up the pace in India?

Reports are suggesting that in just 24 hours time, around 540 people across the country were affected by Coronavirus. On the other hand, the recent estimation suggests that around 5,734 people are already affected by the life-threatening virus.

The administration department of Anna University spread out across Chennai has reportedly announced that the pertaining engineering exams are going to be postponed till May 2020.

Further, the administrative department of Anna University has revealed that once the nation-wide curfew comes to an end, they will immediately release the new schedule of the exam. The students garnering education from Anna University are in a dilemma if they have to give engineering exams or not.

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