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Animal psychic claims cats are ‘interdimensional’ and see things humans can’t

A woman who calls herself an animal psychic has shared some supposed truths about how our “interdimensional” pets interact with us.

Although there isn’t any evidence that animal whisperers can communicate with pets in a special dimension, Lori said that people benefit from the psychic abilities of animals they have made connections with.

Lori Spagna is a supposed animal communicator and author of ‘Animals in the Afterlife’. Speaking on the Best of Coast to Coast podcast, she claimed animals speak a “universal language of energy”, meaning they perceive the world around them differently to humans.

For instance, Lori acknowledged that cats are “generally interdimensional”, suggesting: “They’re really great at identifying beings in non-physical interdimensional realms.”

She explained that this means cats are able to see entities that humans aren’t aware of.

A psychic
A supposed animal psychic has claimed that our “interdimensional” pets stay with us in the afterlife

“Cats are very good at absorbing them so that they don’t interfere in their humans’ lives,” she claimed.

“Typically the cats are like carriers for a little while with them, and then they help them get moved on and moved out.”

Lori offered some comforting news to pet owners that their lost companions will be with them in the afterlife.

“I’m of the belief that we never die; we transition out of our physical forms. So the animals are the same… just like us, when they transition out of their physical form, their consciousness continues,” she said.

Cats have a knack of noticing entities, according to Lori
Cats have a knack of noticing entities, according to Lori

“Many times animals – especially animals who live with their humans – tend to be guides for at least some time, for their humans.”

Lori related that this means animals remain with their owners in the afterlife, saying: “They’ll stay for as long as they typically feel that the human needs them, or that they can be of service to the human.

“So even if they transition, they’ll still feel connected to the human for a long time, provided that the bonds are strong.”

An elephant
Lori also claimed that elephants are the “keepers of the records of the Earth”

These extrasensory abilities, the animal psychic explained, are what enables animals like dogs and cats to be able to sense illness in the humans around them.

“This is why animals can be so effective in serving humans who might have physical diseases, because they can identify body temperature changes, hormonal changes,” she continued.

“We know that when animals just use their sense of smell, they can identify all kinds of information about either the human or the animal that they’re smelling.

“So this is why they can identify if someone’s sick, or if someone needs medical care, this kind of thing.”

A golden retriever puppy
Lori claimed that animals’ extrasensory abilities are what enables them to detect illness in humans

As well as discussing the relationship pets have with their owners, Lori also touched on the supposed interaction animals have with the universe itself.

“All animals have purposes, and information and energy depending on their unique species, they have a particular role”, she described.

For instance, she said, “elephants are keepers of the records of the Earth”.

She added: “When you learn to communicate with any animal – and if you communicate with an elephant – they can share with you information about the Earth’s history.”

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Animal psychic claims cats are 'interdimensional' and see things humans can't
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