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Andrew Neil is now ‘free to say whatever he wants’ and everyone said the same thing

Andrew Neil is now ‘free to say whatever he wants’ and everyone said the same thing

Veteran broadcaster Andrew Neil’s departure from GB News has been marred in controversy.

After leaving the channel that has only been on-air since June, Neil appeared on BBC Question Time to address his departure from the channel.

Although the former BBC presenter rather reservedly said the channel was going in a direction contrary to what he had envisioned, he hinted that the British channel may be more like FOX News than he’d like.

Hitting back at claims made on Question Time, GB News said “a number of demonstrably untrue remarks” were made on the programme.

The drama has since come to a head last night, with Neil tweeting that he “couldn’t be happier” to be away from the channel after his exit deal was apparently cancelled.

He wrote: “After weeks of talks with GB News, resulting in exit settlement, the channel then broke it by briefing Mail on Sunday with load of smears/lies then unilaterally cancelling exit deal. Leaving me free to do, say whatever I want + never again be on GBNews. Couldn’t be happier.”

After leaving, the plan was that Neil would be a regular contributor to the channel’s programmes. However, as things turned sour, The Spectator chairman’s appearance on Nigel Farage’s show on Monday was pulled.

At the weekend, the Mail on Sunday published details from a leaked internal memo that allegedly shows that Neil would have been sacked from his position as chairman and presenter of GB News before he left.

The memo, allegedly from channel chief executive Angelos Frangopoulos, outlined that the board was ready to “terminate his position”.

After tweeting that he “couldn’t be happier” to sever ties with the channel last night, he reshared a tweet from June where he outlined the “great figures” garnered by the new channel, saying his show had three times the audience of Sky News.

Resharing the tweet late last night, he wrote: “Shows the promise that could have been…”

Opinion on Twitter was split, with some expressing their dismay that he stepped away from the channel, with one commenter saying “it’s important that GB News is a success” to “fight and win the culture war.”

Others said GB News is “better without” him, and slammed him for “smearing the channel.”

Others however took on a “you made your bed so lie in it” stance on the debacle.

Many expressed support for Neil and said that they are excited to see what he does in the future.

Although the Scottish journalist isn’t currently on our TVs, there is a new TV channel launching soon that may have a number of broadcast vacancies coming up in the future…

Indy100 has approached GB News for comment.

Andrew Neil is now ‘free to say whatever he wants’ and everyone said the same thing
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