Amber Heard In Dr Evil Outfit Memes Viral Trending On Social Media Netizens Call Actress Evil


Johnny Depp and her former wife Amber Heard’s defamation case is currently the most buzzing news and topic of discussion among the people. The court proceedings of the case are going on, and daily updates and developments in the case are too coming out in public. People are engaging deeply in the case. Although superstar Johhny Depp is getting massive support from the public this time and her former wife, Amber Heard is having a difficult time on social media. This time public is in a different mood, they are not ready to support Amber heard this time.

Amber Heard In Dr Evil Outfit Memes Viral Trending On Social Media Netizens Call Actress Evil

Netizens are making memes and trolling Amber badly on social media. Every day a new meme is made on Amber and it’s trending, the latest meme which is set ablaze is Amber’s grey outfit that she wore in her court appearance. Netizens have made a meme out of her outfit which was a grey high neck button-up. Netizens have compared her dress with Dr.Evil’s outfit. This latest meme of Amber heard is trending all over social media. Netizens from all over the world are reacting to this meme.

Amber Heard In Dr. Evil Outfit Memes Go Viral

Netizens have not left any chance to ridicule the 36 years old actress. Netizens are comparing her dressing sense with Dr. Evil and even calling her evil. This latest meme made on Amber heard is currently trending on social media and creating a lot of buzz on the internet. People are tweeting and posting this meme with their captions on it. This one has been the recent favorite meme of netizens. As you all know Johnny Depp is a global star and so is Amber heard, so their court case has been a global topic of discussion among netizens.

People from all across the globe are keeping up with the case. They all looking forward to all the developments and updates in the case. People from all across the globe are keen to know what is happening next in the court proceeding. People from all across the globe are putting out their reactions and comments on this case on social media. Earlier as you know, when Amber victimized herself with sexual abuse and violence and blamed Johnny Depp for that, although she didn’t name him. But cleverly she blamed him without even putting his name openly in that post of her Washington Post.

At that Johnny Depp faced a lot of heat from the public and fans. People bashed him on social media and not only this Depp revealed how he lost so many good projects because he was falsely accused of something that he didn’t even do. Depp revealed how much he suffered mentally and financially because of Amber’s false accusation against him. Now, when the public got some evidence, they realized that Johnny was innocent, so that’s why they are trolling Amber. Netizens don forget things so quickly. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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