Amazon’s The Wheel Of Time Ventures Into Fantasy Journey With A Female-Lead Role


Oscar-nominated actress Rosamund Pike plays Moiraine, a character who at first glance seems a little different from the roles she is famous for, such as gone girl and A private war. But according to Pike, it’s the complex nature of the Aes Sedai’s character that drew her to the role.

“Robert Jordan was very interesting because he could write women with real courage,” says Pike. “Women, who I learned from the fandom that wrote me letters, have inspired a lot of men and I think that’s quite unusual.”

Amazon’s The Wheel Of Time Ventures Into Fantasy Journey With A Female-Lead Role

Describing her role as “delightful,” Pike attributes Moiraine’s “hidden reserves of depth” to the character’s decades-long fascination with the character, as well as her seemingly boundless determination to do the right thing for humanity.

“She’s a woman with a purpose,” explains Pike. “I think her dedication to her cause is almost – it has an almost religious fervor. It comes at the cost of everything else and that’s a kind of dedication that I really admire.”

Moiraine isn’t the only fascinating female character on The Wheel of Time canvas – now or in the coming seasons. Pike enthusiastically points out that “so many great female characters are coming” in the show’s second season, which has already been green-lit and is currently in production.

“I mean, Moraine is a great character,” Pike laughs. “But [in] our second season we’re shooting right now – there are many, many more fantastic, interesting, complex, mysterious, you know, all kinds of adjectives women, [who run the gamut] from innocence to experience.”


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