Amazon’s best deals for today, October 1st


Amazon’s best deals for today, October 1st

We want to share with you the best deals, in addition to our regular roundups featuring top picks and favourite items Right now. Here are our favorite deals available on Amazon for a limited time only, so buy them now to save big before they’re gone!

DeskCycle Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Winter is on the way, and who wants to trek to the gym once it’s cold? You can skip the gym and keep your heart rate up at home with this DeskCycle, which will keep you moving while you work. This is a fantastic writeup by a satisfied buyer.

“I’m down 30 pounds in seven months and feeling GREAT! This helped me build stamina and lose weight after a four-year illness. I couldn’t do very hard exercises so I got two of these- one for work and one for home. I average 50 miles a day and when I’m home watching tv or working I make sure I’m using it. I have convinced multiple coworkers to buy these and now our corporate gym is selling them on campus. This is absolutely SILENT and it will literally be a deal breaker on accepting any future jobs if I can’t have this at my desk. “

Save $40 when you buy now.

Blendtec Total Classic Original Blender

If you want a blender that does it all, look no further. This baby can handle and functions as, per the description, “smoothies, shakes, cocktail drinks, soups, crushed ice (snow cones, margaritas), juicer, ice cream maker, mixer,”It also has a self cleaning mode.

The blades are made from forged stainless steel. They are 80% thicker that the average blender blade. This ensures strength. The 75-ounce volume container can make beverages for three to four people in one go. You can also heat soup in just six minutes thanks to friction heating.

Buy this usually $600 blender today and you’ll save almost 60% off. You can also break down the cost into monthly payments at $50.80 if it is still too expensive for you.

Karcu 5-piece Nonstick Kitchen Knife Set with 5 Knife Sheath covers

This one’s a lightning deal and already 90% claimed as of publication, so jump on it while these gorgeous and high-quality knives are still available! You’ll get every variety you need, plus the beauty of the blades is unmatched. You get it for only a third of regular price! It’s a no-brainer.

FARYSAYS Women’s Casual Turtleneck Long Sleeve Loose Cable Knit Pullover Sweater

Happy sweater season! Enjoy the first of October with a new sweater. It could be as low as $8.88 depending on what color you choose and how big it is. You can click through to see the best.


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