All You Need To Know About Internet Marketing


Online marketing is booming in this day and age for a number of reasons. Businesses because of it have ever-increasing levels of new customers from various parts of the world. When you’re trying to find out how to become a better product manager, a major part of this is being acquainted with digital marketing, knowing more about these tools will also help you in preparing for the product manager interview questions.

Importance Of Internet/Online Marketing

Internet marketing is essential because it is consistent with how consumers make purchasing decisions. Studies by analysts such as Gartner suggest that a number of customers use social media and mobile internet research to perform preliminary product and price analysis prior to final decision making. Also, It helps you to establish relationships with consumers and prospects through daily, personalized, low-cost contact that represents the shift from mass marketing. To help with this there are also internet marketing tools, they help in making the whole process of online marketing efficient. If used correctly, internet marketing tools can prove to be a game-changer for any organization.



Listed below are some of the benefits of internet marketing


Internet marketing helps you to be available for business around the clock, without thinking about operating hours or worker’s overtime payments. It is also easy for customers to sell goods on the Internet. Customers are able to search your online store at any time and place orders when they find it convenient.


By setting up local stores, you can sell products in any part of the world, broadening your target market. You can also create an export company without creating a distribution network in various countries. You should use localization services to ensure that your goods are appropriate for local markets and comply with local business legislation if you plan to sell internationally. Localization services provide translation and product adjustment, representing variations in the local market.


Internet marketing goods cost less than commercializing them through a traditional retail outlet. You will not have the recurring costs of renting and maintaining the land. You don’t have to buy stock to turn up in a shop. You can order stock according to demand, keeping the inventory costs low.

Importance of Social Media

Internet marketing lets you take advantage of social media’s rising significance. An article on the executive education website of Harvard Business School illustrated the connection between social networking and growth in online revenues. A community of consumers who reacted most strongly to the impact of social networks created increased sales of around 5 percent according to the report. One can always take advantage of such influence with the help of internet marketing tools in their online marketing campaigns.


Net marketing helps you to tailor consumer deals by creating a profile of their buying experience and expectations. You may make targeted deals representing their preferences by monitoring the web pages and product details that prospects visit. The information available from monitoring website visits also offers data for the preparation of cross-selling promotions so that the amount of revenue per customer can be increased.

Improving Relationships

The Internet offers a significant forum for developing customer connections and rising rates of customer retention. You can start the relationship when a customer has purchased a product from your online store by sending them a follow-up email confirming the transaction and thanking the customer. Daily emailing of customers with exclusive, customized deals helps keep the relationship going. You should also encourage consumers to submit reviews of the items on your website to help create a sense of community.

Internet Marketing Tools

Internet marketing tools are product development and promotional strategies and actions that a company uses to develop and promote its products or services online. Listed below are some of the best internet marketing tools in the industry



MailChimp automates your emails and makes the production of campaigns a breeze. While some of their marketing automation features have some limitations, it’s an easy tool to use. When you want something more stable you may want a device like Autopilot or HubSpot to consider. But if you’re just beginning, then MailChimp is perfect.

This internet marketing tool has a lot of features to offer such as

  • Website traffic monitoring
  • Software integrations
  • Free for small businesses
  • Email templates



This internet marketing tool works with big corporations, but it is great for small start-ups or small business marketing teams that want to start automating their social campaign and maximizing it. They make several different items that help with it as well, like website sharing widgets on their social network, and their social post scheduler.



Optimizely is an internet marketing tool that enables you to run A / B tests and multivariate tests continuously on your platform to boost conversion levels and revenues. We have also extended their feature set and run under the “Experiment everywhere” banner, enabling product- tests and deep personalization capabilities on the server-side and by acquiring Experiment Engine, they have a strong workflow and knowledge management system for the exchange of ideas and documentation.



Canva is a subscription service that makes it simple for people who need web design and do not have the funding for a full-time web designer. Optimized for the smartphone, with its visually appealing drag-and-drop features, Canva makes programming simple for amateurs. It is also one of the most popular internet marketing tools. One can use the design tools available in Canva to create forms, logos, maps, graphs and your own presentations using custom fonts. An employer can also test on a time-limit the status of tasks allocated to employees.


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