All The Exciting Events Happening Around Latest Legends of Tomorrow Season


Just like Nate’s character. He is Gideon for now, as the real Gideon is a half-naked human being in Odessa while Nate goes to New York. He’s the one who feels the responsibility to protect the timeline because he’s the one who knows the most, and as the person who inhabits Hoover’s persona, he finds himself put in positions where he doesn’t want to be trying to get them to protect the real Hoover’s reputation – such as being an incorrigible racist or torturing a suspect. He makes the right choice for both, but you see the battle and it feels deserved.

This week’s other two stories follow Astra, Spooner and Gideon as they try to make sense of Gideon’s new fleshy look; and Zari, Ava and Sara spending time at the mansion – Zari for being baked as she tries to process Constantine’s departure, and Ava and Sara for getting their heads together for their honeymoon.

All The Exciting Events Happening Around Latest Legends of Tomorrow Season

Zari’s story is slightly more important to the outcome of the episode – her high brings clarity, as she uses the endless supply of whiskey bottles in the fridge to figure out who their primary enemies are on the other Waverider, and then they start using some of those free refills to try and buy off Capone’s men before they kill Nate. It’s also pretty funny: she gets jokes about Ava and Sara being “loud” and cracking… Crisis on Infinite Earths (“What is a paragon anyway?” Great stuff).

Gideon cannot communicate and Astra hates her for the weakness she feels in her magic. I’ll bet this notion will be reversed by the end of the season – Astra brought life to a machine that wasn’t there before. That feels like a big problem. That said, she feels unnecessarily mean here, especially since Gideon reads most of the episode as disabled before regaining the ability to speak to Spooner and Astra as a person.


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