All American: Homecoming Release Date, Cast


All American: Homecoming Updates: There have been many dramas released that revolve around any particular sport. Whether it is skiing or is baseball or basketball. From being a series to becoming one of the hittest inspirations for everyone, it has become the sole entertainment.

Many series have sports as their genre but only a few of them can survive. Many of the series have been shut down. If we talk of any new one coming or the current going then we have All American.

All American is a sports series that involves a lot of dramas as well as much athletic enthusiasm. It is a young drama that has all young characters as athletes. The setting of this drama is in a university that is named as HBCU, which means Historically Black Colleges and University. This university has black excellence as their way of life.
If we talk of a plot them we have a very unique one.

All American: Homecoming Release Date

All American: Homecoming
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In the series, we will see that how athletes encourage each other to the most. We will see characters like Simone who is a tennis player from Beverley Hills. We will also have a baseball player named as Damon, who is from Chicago. He feels like he has a lot of weight of the world on his shoulders.

All American: Homecoming will be released on 21st Feb 2022.

Next up we have the friend of Damon, JR who is also a baseball player. We have Thea who is a queen bee and also very much competitive. She is in the team of Bringston as a tennis player. Then we have Keisha who is an unofficial mayor of the school.

Makers have released 2 episodes till date and the third one is in the line. Episode one was about how Damon struggles to form a bond with his fellow teammates. In the second episode, we have seen that Damon, as well as Marcus, are giving enthusiasm to the baseball team.

When it comes to the third episode that is going to release then we have some synopsis. We will see how Damon would help to boost up the morals of his team players. Then we will see that how Simon will try to make things work out with the tennis player Thea.

Keisha would be there to find a way as an RA. Amara would be there who will get an offer from a student, a former one. We will see some more in the coming episodes and it will be very much interesting for the viewers.


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