Aksu Student Of Akwa Ibom State University Leaked Tape Video Footage Twitter Reddit


Recently, full video footage of the AKSU student went viral on Twitter and Telegram. It surfaced all over the internet after getting leaked. Well, it has gained the attention of many and has become a hot topic now. Needless to say, people are taking a lot of interest in the video and want to know what even happened to the girl shown in the clip that has gone viral. Let us explore the details of the leaked video in the article below and find out more about the girl and the clip.

Akwa Ibom State University(AKSU) Student

The video features a female student of the Akwa Iborn State University (AKSU). As the video clip has gone viral on all social media platforms, she has come to the headlines. Talking about the video, it shows the student in question bending on a bed. She is seen arching her back and sticking her mammoth butt out for her partner who goes on to fill in. The students not just got involved in the shameful act but also recorded the entire act on their devices. Well, it has caused blunders now as it has surfaced on the internet.

As the girl takes a suitable position on the bed, her partner is seen putting the camera at the perfect angle so that it captures the riveting footage before going on to give it to the girl in Doggystyle. At that moment, none of them realized that it could become the cause of their problem that will ruin their entire life. It is reported that the girl shown in the video wanted proof of the entire set of events as well and to achieve the same, she decided to get it all captured. However, it backfired and became trouble for her.

According to reports, the video clip was leaked by the girl’s own friend. Well, what can be more saddening than this? Being betrayed by your own friend is literally the saddest thing to happen. A similar thing has occurred to the girl whose identity has not been revealed. It is also reported that the lady involved in the AKSU tape pleads Nigerians for help after being expelled from school. Yes, you read it right. The female student has been suspended from school after her video surfaced online. Now, she is worried about her future and has pleaded Nigerians to help her. Keep following our site and get all the latest updates here.


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