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Airbnb host denies guest due to ‘aggressive, expletive-riddled, disturbing’ music taste

A metal music fan has been left fuming after an Airbnb host denied her request to stay over at a property because of her music taste.

Kayleigh, who has not given her surname to media, was making plans to stay in Bristol for a concert by the band the Death Blooms when she received the message from the owners saying they were “not comfortable with the nature of this music”.

After she asked them for further explanation, the hosts claimed it was the “aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing” tone of the band’s lyrics that was to blame for their decision.

It is not known how they learned of her intentions to attend the gig.

The airbnb host said Death Blooms' songs were "aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing”
The host said Death Blooms’ songs were ‘aggressive, expletive-riddled and disturbing’

Feeling that this treatment was unfair, Kayleigh complained to the holiday letting platform, but was only told at first that they would “take a closer look” at the incident.

The American multinational later followed this up with a statement, saying to hard rock magazine Metal Hammer: “We encourage Hosts on Airbnb to make all members of our community feel welcome and have been in contact with the guest and Host on the matter.

“To use Airbnb, all Hosts and guests must agree to our strict non-discrimination policy, Community Commitment and Community Standards.”

Airbnb hosts are not allowed to refuse guests based on their 'protected characteristics', although some allowance is made for personal preference. Model pictured
Airbnb hosts can’t refuse guests based only on protected characteristics, but some exceptions are made for personal preferences. Model pictured

“We investigate and take action where we are made aware of behaviour that may violate our policies.

“While hosts on Airbnb may decline a booking request based on factors that are not prohibited by law, including where a guest has not completed identity verification and has no previous reviews, we encourage hosts to make every effort to make guests feel welcome.”

Although Airbnb policies ban discrimination against guests based on certain protected characteristics in law like race, gender, religion or sexuality, hosts are allowed to make discretion based on “Personal preference

Death Blooms are now selling merchandise on tour with the host's colourful description the back
Death Blooms are now selling merchandise on tour with the host’s colourful description on the back

Death Blooms, a nu-metal revival troupe from Liverpool, released an EP in March entitled ‘F**k everything’, with song titles including ‘Life Is Pain’, ‘Anger’ and ‘Gore’.

Paul Barrow fronted the band and has now put the host’s colorful phrases on tshirts being sold on their current tour.

They offered Kayleigh to be accommodated in a fancy hotel if enough people bought tickets to their September 21 date at Bristol’s Exchange venue.

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Airbnb host denies guest due to 'aggressive, expletive-riddled, disturbing' music taste
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