AI Love You Has Released, Here Is Everything You Should know


AI Love You Updates: Modern dramas are something that is here for us to show the reality, either of the present scenario or the coming one. That’s how we all started liking such series that has the depiction of reality to the most.

If we talk of any drama is film that has some modernity as well some science but also some human feelings then there are very few of them that is there for us. To add up more to the list we have the coming film called AI Love You.

AI Love You as an entertainment film, has its origin in the Thai entertainment industry. It is a film that has been made for the purpose to reflect the modernity as well as to show that machines and artificial wares can also have feelings, especially love.

AI Love You is directed by David Asavanond as well as Staphna Zlotescu. When it comes to writing and creating then we have some names that have worked quite well in it. Among them are Philip Gelatt, Ratapong, Pinyosophon. Stephen who has directed it has also created as well as written it too.

The story of AI Love You is very unique, with no surmise one can say that it has never been seen before. It is a modern love story that has its location in Thai. It is set in some times in future where robots are very usual things.

All About AI Love You

AI Love You

There is an AI building in the series where there are only robotics and software things. Suddenly this whole building gets powered by human feelings, especially love. These all happen due to some software glitch.

The building’s robot falls in love with the real human girl. This building’s software enters into a real human due to some technical problem and then it tries to get the affection of the lead girl called Lana.

The Al Love You is soon going to come to us this month itself. The trailer has been released and it is available on YouTube for us. If we talk of a particular release date then it is released on 15 February, just a day after Valentine’s day to make sure that love is still there in the air.

The cast of the movie is quite experienced and quite apt to the role. We will see a female with the actor in lead and a male too. The casting of the movie is as follows: Pimchanok Leuwisetpaiboon as Lana, Mario Maurer will be there as Bobby, Sahajak is there in the movie as Mr. Wilson, We will also. see David Asavanond in the role of The Hawk, Michale A. New in the role of Alan, Kenneth Won will be there in the role of Lana’s Bad Date, and then Ladapa in the role of Magda.


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