After Life Season 3: Release Details And Other Latest Updates Here We Got So Far!!


After Life, is a Netflix Original comedy series that features Ricky Gervais (and plenty of familiar faces if you follow his previous work such as The Office, Derek, or Extras) who plays the role of Tony. Tony has suffered an enormous loss with the passing of his wife. And he is now trying to pick up the pieces and find a new purpose.
Season 2 arrived on Netflix globally on April 24th, 2020 with the first season arriving back in March 2019.

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After Life Season 3: Cast and plot!

You can expect all of your After Life cast favorites to return for any third season. This includes Ricky Gervais (Tony), Penelope Wilton (Anne), Ashley Jensen (Emma), Tom Basden (Matt), Tony Way (Lenny), David Earl (Brian).

Back in July 2020, Gervais told GoldDerby that he wasn’t sure if Tony’s relationship with Emma would have a happy ending. “That’s the tricky bit, really, because he’s sort of addicted to grief, as he said because he knows where he is with it because hope lets him down too much.”
Ricky Gervais stars as a local journalist named Tony in the melodramatic comedy, who struggles to cope with his grief in the wake of his wife Lisa’s death. Not a huge amount is known about the upcoming season’s plot. However, in a short clip, previously posted to Gervais’s Twitter, the actor promised of the new season: “It’s the best one yet and I promise the dog does not die.” Well, thank goodness for that, then. One thing we do know about After Life season three is that it will definitely be Gervais’s last hurrah.

After Life Season 3: Release date and Trailer!

There’s no trailer just yet, as Netflix has a habit of saving trailers until shortly before release.
We recently got a short teaser from Gervais on Twitter, which didn’t really reveal too much, but it contained lots of shots of Tony’s lovely dog, so we won’t complain.


After Life season 3 is coming to Netflix on 14th January 2022 – so there’s not that long to wait!


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