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After a child’s death, a UK nursery closes down

As education watchdog Ofsted opens an investigation, a UK nursery has been shut down immediately after a child’s death.

Jelly Beans Day Nursery Kent dealt with a “medical emergency”With a child at midday on September 23,

The Ashford-based nursery was informed later that the child had died in hospital.

Kent Police confirmed that they were present at the scene.

Ofstead has now immediately suspended the nursery’s license from September 27 until midnight on November 7, while they conduct an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

An announcement regarding the suspension was placed at the nursery’s front door.

Jelly Beans Day Nursery, Ashford. Kent
The nursery will remain shut while Ofsted investigates.

According to The MirrorDebbie Alcock, nursery manager, sent an email to parents Monday stating that she was happy for them to be there “do not know the cause”.

The email stated: “Myself and some of my staff were directly involved in assisting and due to the need for the parents’ privacy and respect we still cannot give you any further information and in fact, we have not been updated ourselves.”

The nursery spokeswoman said that the Daily Express: “Following a medical emergency at the nursery involving a child on Thursday, September 23, Ofsted served a notice of suspension of registration for a period of six weeks for the purposes of an investigation.

“The nursery will remain closed for the period of the suspension.

“Today, we received news that the child who had been subject to this medical accident has died. We extend our deepest sympathies to the family who are in everyone’s thoughts.

“Due to the ongoing investigations by the various agencies involved, we are unable at this time to make any further comment. We have been cooperating fully with all relevant authorities and will continue to do so.”

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A spokesperson for Ofsted said: “We have suspended the nursery’s registration due to serious safeguarding concerns.

“It will remain closed during the ongoing investigations.”

A police spokesman said: “Kent Police responded to a medical emergency in Field View Kingsnorth Ashford around noon on September 23.”

After a child's death, a UK nursery closes down
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