Afilmywap Website 2021 – New HD Mp4 Movies, Indian TV shows – is it safe?

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Afilmywap: When it comes to movie watching, people tend to explore so many sites to reach one proper movie downloading site.  They visit several pages and stick to the one which serves their desired movies in good quality. Watching a movie has been one of the favorite pastimes of people across the globe.

People like streaming movies live on the website or download it and watch it later. Afilmywap site is one such website that is related to video downloading and viewing. All latest releases of Bollywood and Hollywood are incorporated on the website for free downloading process. The users can download their desired movies from this site in HD quality. 

Afilmywap Website 2021 - New HD Mp4 Movies, Indian TV shows - is it safe?

History of Afilmywap site 

Afilmywap site was founded in 2017, to provide its users with a platform to access all the latest movies. The site is all stacked with thousand of films such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Tamil, Telugu, and Bengali movies.

Apart from movies of different categories, users can also watch WWE matches. As per the report of ahrefs, Afilmywap site records about 90k users in a single month.  The unique features of this website make it popular among movie enthusiasts. 

How does it work? 

Afilmywap site is a torrent website that uploads all its movie contents in pirated form. The operation of the site is performed by a bunch of people from undisclosed locations. Users can choose from the categories of movies and download their desired movies as per their convenience.

To download movies from the Afilmywap site, the user has to first visit the website by entering the actual domain name. And after this, the user can download their favorite movies for free. 

Is it safe to access the Afilmywap site? 

No, Afilmywap site is not at all safe to access, as the country’s government bans them as per the anti-piracy law. Afilmywap site is against the anti-piracy law of government which, when violated by any person, can hold him or her of crime. The government is authorized to punish that individual according to legislation. So, people should not use such websites for downloading or any activity, as these are unreliable and not trustworthy. 

Is it legal to use the Afilmywap site? 

As mentioned above, the Afilmywap site is banned in the country and is declared as illegal by the Indian government.  Torrent websites are not legal at all; they contain all contents in a pirated form which is against the fundamental law of directors, producers, and actors. People should use legal platforms to watch their favorite movies. Despite the ban improvement, Afilmywap site type sites are operating on the web. But they are still illegal, and people should distance themselves. 

Alternatives to Afilmywap site 

Specialties of Afilmywap site 

Afilmywap site is full of features that attract many people towards it. These features or specialties are unique to this site and are useful for the users of the site. 

Following are the specialties of Afilmywap site: 

  • All kinds of latest updates of movies are available on the site for free downloading.  The latest movie releases are stacked in the site within few days of theatrical releases. 
  • To download the desired movies, the users can visit this page and download movies without any redirections. The movie download can be done with direct links. 
  • The site is user-friendly and easy to operate. 
  • All movies are available in HD formats to give its users a better experience of movie watching. 
  • There are no ads present on the site which contribute towards the smooth functioning of the website. 
  • The users can request their desired and favorite movies on the site’s request column side. The requests are taken into consideration and uploaded on the website for free downloading. 


We do not support any of these websites such as Afilmywap and others, as they are banned in our country. These kinds of websites are illegal and are not safe for any person. 

The above-written content is written to spread awareness among the people about these types of websites that they should not use such websites for any activity. 


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