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Adored puppy with five legs mysteriously dies after ‘touching millions of hearts’

A dog born with a five legs has suffered a mystery tragic sudden death after “touching the lives of millions”.

Leslie Bird (59), rescue charity president has been devastated by the death of Chanel No. 5’s death that she believes happened completely by accident.

She suspects the American Bully puppy’s heart simply “gave out” as just minutes earlier he appeared to be perfectly fine having run around the house and peed in the bathroom ‘like normal.

Leslie, who co-founded NorCal Bully Breed Rescue in California, US, told the Daily Star: “I adored her the minute I saw her. I was amazed that she was so sweet and she didn’t know she was uniquely able.

“Disabled dogs are just like disabled people. They have the same rights as everyone else.

Chanel dog
Chanel had a little tail above her fifth leg

Chanel was taken in by the rescue charity after her owner surrendered her at the vets as soon as she was born.

Chanel was able to get other dogs into the house, despite having a fifth leg sticking out of her bottom.

The TikTok video featuring the adorable little puppy went viral last month and was viewed over 65 million times.

When Leslie announced the sad news about Chanel’s passing, love quickly turned to heartbreak emoticons as NorCal Bully Breed’s comment section exploded with messages of affection for the little pup.

Leslie said Chanel had some health scares but appeared fine leading up to her death

On September 4, Leslie captioned a clip of the young dog saying: “We have some devastating news.

“Yesterday morning our sweet Chanel, left this world. We don’t know what happened or how or why. One moment she was flawless, the next she was gone.

“Everything was just fine that morning. She ate breakfast of formula, ran around the house, and went pee on a towel on my bathroom floor like she did every other day. I put her back in her little kennel area so I could move some dogs around, and in three minutes she was gone. There was nothing to choke on. Her airway was not blocked.

Five legged puppy
A vet said the fifth leg even had an ankle bone in it

“We can only guess that her little heart gave out. Often when there is one visual midline issue going on, there are more that you can’t see.”

Leslie added in the post that Chanel was just as special for her personality as she was for having an extra leg.

She continued: “We happily shared Chanel with all of you. She had so many people who loved her from all over the world. She was just a sweet little puppy that captured everyone’s attention because she was so different.

Puppy shower
Leslie struck up a powerful bond with the puppy

“But she was special to us for other reasons, not just her extra leg. She was a unique soul that I was completely attached to because of who she was, not what she looked like.

“I’m sure this will be devastating for so many of you. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry her life wasn’t long and full and fun and of adventure. Even though her short life was tragic, I can assure you that it was filled with love.

“I held her every night and told her how beautiful she was. She would lick my chin and cuddle against my neck. She followed me around the house and even came running when I called her. I loved her with all of my heart.”

Hundreds of dog lovers have shared their sympathy with Leslie over social media

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Any suspicions that the leg could have just been an unusual tail were put to bed by a vet who confirmed it even had an ankle bone.

NorCal Bully Breed Rescue relies on public donations to sustain itself. A queue was formed offering Chanel a loving forever family.

Adored puppy with five legs mysteriously dies after 'touching millions of hearts'

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Unfortunately, no one was able to meet her.

Leslie added: “It was awful. She touched the lives of people all over the world. Many who wanted to adopt her and even more who love her uniqueness.”

Adored puppy with five legs mysteriously dies after 'touching millions of hearts'
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