Actress Raima Islam Shimu Murdered By Husband? Check Cause Of Death


Once again, actress Raima Islam Shimu remains the subject of discussion among the people, as recently the concerned department has found her dead and severe injuries and marks on her entire body. Ever since the news has turned like social media, almost everyone has been surprised because no one had thought that such news would arrive in front of them. Finally, however, the immense reactions are coming in front of the people, where everyone is looking ahead to get more about the case, so below you could get everything behind the news that what is the reason behind the unexpected demise.

Raima Islam Shimu Found Dead: Missing Bangladeshi Actress Murdered By Husband? Check Cause Of Death

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Raima Islam Shimu, an actress, took her last breath on 18th January 2022, as her body is indicating. She was slaughtered and thrown near the bridge; as soon as her admirers are familiar with the news, their immense reactions are popping out because she was missing for a very long, and spontaneously if news of her murder comes, something is heinous behind all this. This is why everyone is seeking justice for her so that the prime defaulter could be taken into custody by the concerned department.

Who Was Raima Islam Shimu?

Reportedly, the actress who belonged to Bangladesh who was missing for a few days back has been murdered. Lately, her dead body was uncovered in a sack near a bridge in Keraniganj, Dhaka. Initially, the body was seen by ordinary people who daily make their appearance near the bridge. Later they informed the police for taking the body into custody so that, if somebody’s prime involvement is spotted behind the case, that person could be taken into the custody through the concerned department as they became the cause of her unexpected departure, something similar is urging by her admirers too.

As the news is spreading, profound condolences are being given by the people to the actress’s family to handle themselves in this challenging time. Because everyone could feel their pain as nothing is more painful than losing someone close to us, even the way she left the world is unveiling many mysteries. Therefore, the concerned department also investigated the case so that they could not be ignorant of any detail behind the subject. So when something spots ahead, we will update you for sure. 


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