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A Tribute to Sean Connery: Did You Know He Was a Roulette Fan

People around the world have different habits, interests, and idols. However, it is hard to find a person that hasn’t heard about Sean Connery. Sadly the role model of many people died on 31 October 2020. We believe that all the movie fans accepted that information emotionally. 

The “best James Bond ever” had many successes in his career. However, you could not hear a lot of details about his private life. Believe it or not, Sean Connery was a huge roulette fan. Many people will say that gambling was one of his ways to make free time entertaining. Yet, that is not completely correct. Sean Connery was a gentleman in private life, and roulette was the game closest to his personal style. You could never see him (despite in movies) playing slots, poker, or blackjack. That is probably the lesson that many beginners in the gambling world should remember. 

It seems that Sean Connery was not only a successful actor. He also had many memorable and lucky moments in casinos around the world. 

Things Players Can Learn from Sean Connery

The story below will tell you some interesting facts about Sean Connery’s gambling journey. Yet, we already mentioned he was only playing roulette. All the players around the world should choose one game and play it until they master it. They should not chase games that can seem more profitable at first glance. Choose the game that meets your expectations, makes your free time entertaining, and matches your style. 

Despite that, you should also carefully choose the place where you will test your luck. Sean Connery was visiting casinos around the world. For instance, he would gladly spend his free time in casinos across Italy, Great Britain, America, etc. 

The good news for today’s players is that they live in the 21st century. Online technology allowed people to test their luck in different places from the comfort of their room. However, you should carefully select the online casino because not all of them will provide you with the best possible services. For instance, the sites covered here are the place where you can enjoy online roulette in India safe and secure. Researching different casino reviews and analysis is the best way to make the right choice. 

The Moment When Sean Connery Was Lucky

Casino de la Valle in Saint-Vicent (Italy) was one of the places that Connery liked to visit. Believe it or not, the casino exists even today, and it attracts many tourists each year. As we said, playing roulette was the favorite way for mister Connery to have fun. When he visited the north-west part of Italy, he was desperate to find adventure. Fortunately for him, Casino de la Valle seemed like the best place for something like that. 

The number of games Sean Connery could find there is huge. However, without any doubt, he was only looking to find the roulette table. The first move he made is placing a straight-up wager on 17. Unfortunately, he did not manage to earn some money. However, every roulette fan has a lucky number. The same rule counts when we talk about Sean Connery. His favorite number was 17. That is the reason why he placed a wager on number 17 once again. Yet, the luck was not on his side for the second spin neither. 

The famous actor was a stubborn person, and he always had some big expectations from number 17. Because of that, he placed the same bet for the third time and won. 

However, the most interesting part of the story starts here. He once again made the same bet, and his lucky number came once again in a second consecutive time. Did Sean Connery stop there? No, he placed the same bet once again and got the reward for the third consecutive time. 

Here comes the reason why we said that Sean Connery was a gentleman. Many players would continue to test their luck in the same way. However, Connery decided to say “stop” and take his money. That is something that only gentlemen with a high level of self-control do. 

How Much Money Did He Win in the End? 

Keep in mind that sir Connery had three successful wagers out of five. For a short period, he managed to earn around $27 000. However, when you convert that into today’s money, he managed to earn around 160 000 pounds for less than ten minutes. That is probably one of the luckiest moments in his life. 

Interestingly, the same thing happened in Connery’s life in 1971. More precisely, it happened to James Bond in Diamonds Are Forever. It means that the movie had a scene based on the real-life story of the actor. Isn’t that cool? 


It is not a secret that many celebrities were big fans of gambling. However, the gambling journey that Sean Connery had was different. More precisely, he was not a gambling fan; he was a roulette fan. He enjoyed the game because it was part of his style and character. Are you doing the same, and would you react in the same way as “the best James Bond ever?”

Akshay Varma
Akshay Varma is a senior Journalist with Mass Media Communications Degree from Aurora Degree College. He writes mostly on Movies and Trending Topics


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