A Million Little Things Season 4 Episode 8: Latest Updates, Promo, Plot Summary & More


Is A million little things new tonight on ABC? If you’re waiting for Season 4 Episode 8, we’ve got more information in this piece about what’s next.

So is all that information good news? Unfortunately, the answer to that is a definite “no”. Since today is before Thanksgiving (never a good time for TV ratings), the network releases the ensemble drama for a week. A million little things will return next week, and with a major episode titled “The Things We Keep Inside”.

A Million Little Things Season 4

This is the last installment of the calendar year and from start to finish we expect some big reveals. Take, for example, Maggie trying to deal with her stalker, or Regina asking Rome such sharp questions when it comes to Cassandra.

You can get a little idea of ​​what’s to come in the promo below; we also recommend that you use the A million little things season 4 episode 8 synopsis to see the full picture:

Rome and Regina are finally reunited after being separated for months, only to find it doesn’t feel right. Maggie does some research as her stalker situation intensifies, while Sophie plays Eddie a song she wrote. Gary helps an old friend in this episode of “A Million Little Things,” airing Wednesday, December 1 on ABC. Watch episodes on demand and on Hulu the day after their premiere.

Can you expect a big cliffhanger at the end of it all? We think the answer to: this, meanwhile should be “yes”. This is a show that lives and dies for the surprises, and we find it hard to think they’ll drift away from that anytime soon.


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